The Felt Sense of What Feels Alive and the More that Emerges from that Alive

What does it mean to accept ourselves in a deep and true way?  As we move forward in our daily Wholebody Focusing practice our sense of aliveness emerges in a stronger and more clear way.  This may feel uncomfortable.  It may show up as pain or an unraveling of our own ways of ignoring what is there.  In this intunement, Kevin gently guides us through this on-going process in which each unfolding may lead to a new one.  Along the way, we can continue to ask “what is good for me now?”

By simply accepting what’s there each time, we allow whatever is needed to emerge.  Kevin asks us to notice the difference in our bodies when we resist what is there from how our bodies feel when we are giving acceptance to what’s there.

It would be wonderful to hear replies from our readers about that difference.

Diana Scalera

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One thought on “The Felt Sense of What Feels Alive and the More that Emerges from that Alive”

  1. “It’s an experience, not a reaction” you said.And throughout the remainder of hearing you—actually Receiving you—those words continued to move me. Move me in a sort-of emotional/feeling way but more obviously in actual moving. As if your words, “it’s an experience, not a reaction”, were a choral humming whose vibrations caused my body/Self’s moving.

    And as that moving continued—it still is—more room opened in my physical body, the musculoskeletal Me. The Me who sits and walks and does errands and pets the dog [yes, she was in contact with my hand thru most of this intunement] was able to move more freely. A kind-of larger moving, even tho the actual movements weren’t huge. There was/is something about the Quality of the moving, Quality of the “experience, not a reaction” that feels new. And right.

    Your invitation to pause, to notice/sense/be conscious of, and to Accept. I’m not sure why there’s a surprise at the freshness of my experiencing because I’ve certainly heard these words from you at other times.

    Yet what then is able to emerge is: the words that came from you today emerged freshly from within your Bodily experiencing of yourSelf right now. The you/Self who experiences, notices, pauses…….., accepts—even when that which is experienced and accepted is pain. The you who is now/today, and not the you who was at an earlier time.

    Something about the place in you where those words came from touched a new place, a new Something within me. I can’t name what the Experience [of the new Something] is. But as it’s growing [and the moving continues] I’m allowing it to continue finding its “place”, its “personality” [hah! I didn’t know that was coming & don’t even understand what it means. but it is definitely the right word at this moment]. Allowing it to continue letting me know more about mySelf, even as that knowing seems to be without words, without “naming”.

    Perhaps in this very moment, to name the experience would be to react to it.

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