Heart Holding Space

Taking the time, allow a fresh momentum 
to assault that crooked door
on rusted hinges.

Resting in the authority of your natural presence
allow yourself to come home,
emerge from this being you.

And yet still there’s that current
shunts you away from this –
a loping grey wolf
in the wilderness of your belonging.

Taking the time, allow a fresh momentum
to assault that crooked door
on rusted hinges,
crack its frozen joints,
charm its forgotten longings.
And let the discovery be enough.

Finding a heart holding space
for these abandoned places
of forest and caves,
the spell of your here & now blooms.
Let it be your home.

In the depth is the direction:
rising like spring waters,
welling up and filling out itself
in unexpected ways,

a new beginning.


This poem was a result of a session between barebody&soul and Addie van der Kooy.

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4 thoughts on “Heart Holding Space”

  1. Dear friend and writer of these freshly emerging thoughts,

    So beautiful! So much there, and the mystery allowed to be, without explanation!

    One phrase of which I cannot omit mention: “Charm its forgotten longings”…..it took me a long while in my focusing life to recognize that something beautiful was squashed in me as a child each time I was shamed, and thus the door slammed shut and, over time, became rusty.

    And when I have gone into the depths, those lost longings have surfaced and bloomed in a new and transformed way. So that phrase said a whole lot to me about those particular joys of a child (for instance, pretending to be a ballerina, and dancing around the house at age 4) that were mocked….. and such joy when it came back in adulthood, and then took many new forms!

    And there’s so much more there in the words you have offered to us, so I will stop here and wait to hear from others,

  2. Thank you for your beautiful poem! It helped me to get centered again. Particularly I liked that “a loping grey wolf in the wilderness of your belonging” was included.

  3. Beautiful invitation to new beginnings – the flow beginning with assaulting that crooked door on rusted hinges,cracking its frozen joints,and charming the forgotten longings….and carried forward with the image of the loping grey wolf. I can feel the movement and the opening to the new beginning. Thank you!

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