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Trainer logo2mergeInspired by the work that Addie van de Kooy has been adding to the blog that precisely describes what happens when someone learns Wholebody focusing, we decided to develop a new category of communication. We want to provide those who are Wholebody Focusing Trainers with a place to share their expertise and have a Heartfelt Conversation on how to deepen our practice of working with our clients. Kevin McEvenue’s Intunements are an extraordinary resource that can support both personal practice as well as the work of WBF trainers. Kevin is genuinely interested; however, in being a part of the growth and expansion of how the teaching of Wholebody Focusing can support the forward moving life in all of us.

To that end, we have created this new area in the blog called The Wholebody Focusing Trainer Corner so that information about teaching Wholebody Focusing can be shared and discussed. One should consider the Intunements as part of this training material; however, it will continue to have a separate section on the blog because it serves individual practice as well.

We invite all those who teach Wholebody Focusing to share with us your best practices. If you would like support to prepare an article or video for this section, please contact Diana Scalera at wbf285@gmail.com.

The Addie van der Kooy Series

This series of videos is a conversation between Kevin McEvenue and Addie van der Kooy that took place August 2018.  Addie was the co-author who helped Kevin to write his first book on Wholebody Focusing and they have been collaborating every since.  This series of interview/discussions introduces us to how Addie approaches assisting people to deeply learn and be able to benefit from their WBF practice.  We are providing these videos as a starting point in the discussion of how individuals are developing their work as trainers not as a defining mandate for how one should work with clients.

Take your time to take in and enjoy the scope of the work Addie van der Kooy is suggesting here.

The Inner Core Muscle of “Me Here” This Interview discusses training someone to find grounded presence.

The Inner Core Muscle of “Holding Both”   This interview discusses training someone to “hold both with equal positive regard.”

Let Your Experience Be  This interview discusses how to be with whatever comes even if it is not what you expected.

Me Here and My Thoughts  This interview discusses how to be with racing thoughts that may or may not be true or helpful.

Second Addie Van der Kooy Series

Is Wholebody Focusing an alive practice? How does it move into the future? Are there new ideas to explore? How will Wholebody Focusers find out about emerging ideas? These are some of the questions Kevin, and I asked ourselves when we created this blog. Here is the second in a series of conversations about what is next in Wholebody Focusing?

The Intunement  The first video is the intunement that Kevin provided to help us hold space for what was wanting to be heard. There is no new information here; however, it is a beautiful example of how encouraging a state of grounded presence can enliven any interaction.

Holding Space for “Me Here” and our Trauma   In preparation for discussing how to expand the concepts of Grounded Presence and Me Here Now, Addie van der Kooy, Kevin McEvenue and Diana Scalera join in an intunement led by Kevin. We invite those who will be listening to the ensuing conversations to join us in this activity to prepare to listen to these ideas that are opening.

My New Reality Now   Addie van der Kooy, Kevin McEvenue and Diana Scalera spent an afternoon in February discussing the many manifestations of the “Me Here” muscle as part of our Wholebody Focusing practice. We listened to each other and found new places—tiny spaces that we did not know were there that emerged on this chilly day in February. We are very excited about sharing what emerged with others who are interested in the continued development of Wholebody Focusing.

Kevin McEvenue and Addie van der Kooy “Felt Sense” Series

Addie and Kevin on Gendlin’s Foundational Contribution to WBF  Addie van der Kooy and Kevin McEvenue discuss how Gendlin’s work is foundational to WBF at the same time it extends those practices in a new way.

Being with a Felt Sense  Addie van der Kooy and Kevin McEvenue take a raucous turn when they discuss their experiences of the many ways to be with the felt sense.

Find the Magic of the Felt Sense   Addie and Kevin, discuss their thoughts about a Felt Sense starting from the early days of Gene Gendlin to Addie van der Kooy’s “Me Here.”

Kevin McEvenue’s Training Series 2019

These are the new Intunements from Keven starting in March 2019.  They will be part of his contribution to supporting Wholebody Focusing Trainers.

An Intunement is a Place to Begin a WBF Process (Part 1)

What Kevin tells us here—how ‘intunements’ got started in WBF and what their purpose is—seems to me that he’s opening the door to a spiritual aspect of WBF.

Intunement Beginning Place Part 2

In this audio recording, Kevin tells us more about how the practice of intunements have continued to evolve. At the risk of missing rich nuance, I’ll say this: first, he makes explicit that heartfelt conversation is not a one-way-street bringing value only to the focuser.

When Love Pays Attention to a Deep Wound

This audio tells us about an unusual solo focusing session—no listening partner—and its extraordinary aftereffect, described by an advanced Wholebody focuser who had decided to sit-with a serious medical condition for which surgery had been recommended.  

Heartfelt Conversation Explained

In this podcast Kevin McEvenue walks us through what happens for him during a Heartfelt Conversation.

Focusing with One’s Body

Kevin McEvenue supports Diana Scalera as she spends time with a body felt sense of her moving forward and holding space for what was there before.

Cathy Rowan

Cathy Rowan is a Focusing Practitioner and in training with Addie van der Kooy to become a Wholebody Focusing Trainer.  She uses her own sessions in her training to emphasize how WBF is transforming her life.  We can all benefit from these insights.  Please read and watch the videos that pertain to hold space for one’s breath.

The Dance of Life

Cathy introduces us to how she works with her breath.

The Dance of Life (2)

Cathy works with the various stages that come to her–Breath, Expansion and Recession

The Dance of Life Expands (3)

Cathy becomes aware of the impact of another person’s energy.  She holds space for it and discovers something new.

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