Beginnings with Kevin McEvenue’s WBF

Beginnings with Kevin McEvenue’s Wholebody Focusing
Painting by Kevin McEvenue

Lynn Rosen and Laura Dickinson are offering an introduction series of classes with Kevin’s Wholebody Focusing and his original process of listening and speaking from the whole body.

We are calling this new class:

Beginnings with Kevin McEvenue’s Wholebody Focusing
– Laura Dickinson and Lynn Rosen

And we describe it this way:
It’s an invitation to be sensitive.
It’s an invitation to be listening for the wholeness of the body’s response.

We want to explore, together with students, the unique qualities of Wholebody Focusing. There are at first the simple and clear beginnings that Kevin still presents us in his fundamentals, principles, and practices of Wholebody Focusing.

Lynn and Laura want to offer you our embodied experience of Wholebody Focusing. And we want to invite you to experience and to find what comes in you with these fundamental practices.

When Will It Happen

We hope that you will join us for 8 weekly sessions from 1:00 PM – 2:20 EST (with some weeks off) beginning January 3rd, 2022. In our care, a circle of up to ten people will participate in coming into a new relationship with their own body wisdom. We invite you to come into contact with the magic of your own direct experiencing.


January 3

January 10

(no meeting January 17)

January 24

January 31

February 7

February 14

(no meeting February 21)

February 28

March 7

Sessions will be recorded (except that there will be no recording of the breakout room sharing sessions).

Both Laura and Lynn are Wholebody Focusing coordinators and have been learning from Kevin since the early 2000s. Loving Kevin and what he’s brought to each of their lives and work further supports their desire to share with others how they experience Kevin’s Wholebody Focusing.

Laura and Lynn each completed both 2-year programs in Advanced Training in Wholebody Focusing, and have ongoing training, conversations, and connections with Kevin.

Laura and Lynn together now have a sense of having something essential from these years of working with Kevin and that includes their sense that experiencing these original tools might be of use to others.

Beginnings begins January 3rd. Please sign up with Melinda soon if you are interested in joining the class. We would love to see you, or interested beginners whom you suggest, there.

How to Register

The class will be listed and supported by Focusing Initiatives International. You may find it on the website or by contacting Melinda Darer at

Of course, remember that our Wholebody Focusing blog is a powerful resource to you, whether you write and share
or read and resonate, or more.


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