Beginnings with Kevin McEvenue’s WBF

Painting by Kevin McEvenue

Lynn Rosen and Laura Dickinson are offering an introduction series of classes with Kevin’s Wholebody Focusing and his original process of listening and speaking from the whole body.

We are calling this new class:

Beginnings with Kevin McEvenue’s Wholebody Focusing
– Laura Dickinson and Lynn Rosen

And we describe it this way:
It’s an invitation to be sensitive.
It’s an invitation to be listening for the wholeness of the body’s response.

We want to explore, together with students, the unique qualities of Wholebody Focusing. There are at first the simple and clear beginnings that Kevin still presents us in his fundamentals, principles, and practices of Wholebody Focusing.

Lynn and Laura want to offer you our embodied experience of Wholebody Focusing. And we want to invite you to experience and to find what comes in you with these fundamental practices.

When Will It Happen

We hope that you will join us for 8 weekly sessions from 1:00 PM – 2:20 EST (with some weeks off) beginning January 3rd, 2022. In our care, a circle of up to ten people will participate in coming into a new relationship with their own body wisdom. We invite you to come into contact with the magic of your own direct experiencing.


January 3

January 10

(no meeting January 17)

January 24

January 31

February 7

February 14

(no meeting February 21)

February 28

March 7

Sessions will be recorded (except that there will be no recording of the breakout room sharing sessions).

Both Laura and Lynn are Wholebody Focusing coordinators and have been learning from Kevin since the early 2000s. Loving Kevin and what he’s brought to each of their lives and work further supports their desire to share with others how they experience Kevin’s Wholebody Focusing.

Laura and Lynn each completed both 2-year programs in Advanced Training in Wholebody Focusing, and have ongoing training, conversations, and connections with Kevin.

Laura and Lynn together now have a sense of having something essential from these years of working with Kevin and that includes their sense that experiencing these original tools might be of use to others.

Beginnings begins January 3rd. Please sign up with Melinda soon if you are interested in joining the class. We would love to see you, or interested beginners whom you suggest, there.

How to Register

The class will be listed and supported by Focusing Initiatives International. You may find it on the website or by contacting Melinda Darer at

Of course, remember that our Wholebody Focusing blog is a powerful resource to you, whether you write and share
or read and resonate, or more.


What do I do when something feels right?

Our World

I want just now to invite that questioning to receive whatever it needs to find more of itself. The body is a kind of knowing that can hold such questions.

Photo Credit: Laura Dickinson Howarth Park, Santa Rosa

Hello. This topic was offered and received in me from words Diana offered in a recent email. If I heard her rightly the “our world” referred to a kind of inner contract that lives as us in cooperation with the world and all that is. Of course this ‘all that is’ is so much, so many, so huge, so inclusive, infinite, and eternal. The This includes every human who also is alive in this kind of inner contract with the world even though mostly we don’t notice this or if we do, we have parts that minimize it or inflate it or otherwise deform into becoming critical of ourselves or others. Did Diana mean all this?

I want to check back with her about what does come when I write it this way. And where does all this come from, whether we confirm something with Diana or just say this now as it comes in me. I want to go back to where I think Diana’s words prompted this in me somehow. Of course there is also what I don’t know and won’t ever know perhaps but there is this that I can say. “Our world” seemed to me to invoke the recognition of both our individual perspectives as Diana also wrote of her wish to hear many of these points of view from us (those who come to the blog). And then the words “our world” really awakened a big response in me. What can we (all of us in the whole world) and we (those of us in a Wholebody Heartfelt way) say here about our world that will also do the beautiful thing that Diana (and I) hope for. Our world. Our Heartfelt shared, awake, healthy, and also unspoiled by grime of soot, carelessness, misapprehension, or confusion World. Our precious and beautiful and joyful and aligned with Love and interactional support world, Our World. And if I go further I find that it is also our world that is a holding for experience that presents perhaps as temporary but may also be felt as problem. Our World is also a Holding.

I have worded myself just now into a place of some inner strength, a sturdiness and centrality of vision that feels enlivening and well, just Good in me. It comes to me that this is perhaps simply an example of the first ‘step’ we all learned in Wholebody Focusing. Is this Grounded Presence as we have said and explored together. More of me is here. And as is a common experience of this, now also more of you is welcome. In fact as I re-read this I wonder about, and welcome and sense the power of Our Collective Fields of Presence.

I’ve heard other teachers speak of how each of us is a World as well. Might we say that Heartfelt Connection is a connection of worlds. Bodily and materially as the Heart is a powerful physical organ yes, but also a great presence and energetic field and engine of reception and signaling as well.  Can we sense the heart’s signal? And when we do, what then? As I sit here right now I sense the edges of what I know and imagine and wish for and feel and sense —about how it is for you just now. You who are reading, resonating, responding, checking within, being with anything, everything that might come there. Hello. 

Based on past experiences I imagine that I will continue to experience parts that will come into conflict. Part of me had been hanging back about writing this blog post for no ‘reason’ I could find. 

Something about the invitation to speak of “Our World” from how that comes in me was transformative in some way. Thank you Diana. And thank you to You readers. Nothing has to happen. And I am welcoming that something does. 

Rereading this just now I notice that there is a way to read this that says, What is That About? About what? And surprisingly there is not only, or not just, the usual ‘frightened-when-called-on-in-school response.’ I notice that there is also, ‘Oh what a Good question and we (yes it was a we) might stay there and receive it.’

And I want just now to invite that questioning to receive whatever it needs to find more of itself. The body is a kind of knowing that can hold such questions. And while I too in my head and thoughts don’t quite know what That means, I also do in my whole self find that I do know this something from a larger perspective bodily and actually perhaps that that something larger was and is trying to find a way to say This, about Our World.

Ah, and only now to I understand what I (This) was trying to say!

Laura Dickinson

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Oceans of Benevolence

Mr Deer


…You offer me Space for that encounter a couple years ago with the two does. As I have your words here it comes back so palpably, so viscerally that moment of going out the front door and finding the deer just across and up on the high side of the driveway.

We all stopped.

And from somewhere there was a becoming more as I somehow knew or it came to just meet them wordlessly yes but also deeply from my heart as though it were a sending and receiving directly.

As I “remember” this and re-feel this I am in there again and wonder what/how this relates with your experience.

My heart comes more alive. Yes that sounds right, the activity of my heart comes more alive to itself in this stopping in this way. I see/feel/give from my heart. And the piece that comes more to know itself is the receiving part.

I have to pause here. There are oceans of Benevolence to receive that I have been letting in by the dropper full. OMG

OK This one can go on the blog.

As I reread this having typed it here, a reticent bit comes, this is wide open and something worries about its safety.

It comes to me to pause back at the words that seemed to describe or point to something – oceans of Benevolence.

Letting this In.

A word comes further as I have the whole of this experience – Reception. Something satisfying in there, to have these words come. Oceans of Benevolence. Reception.

Laura Dickinson


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