Asking, What is There in Me? Just Noticing the Different Body Responses!

What we resist must persist!  is the rallying cry in this intunement.  Kevin takes us through the moment in our grounding process in which we choose to either resist what is there or accept what is there.  What happens in our bodies as we begin the process of engagement with our resistance?

The parts we resist are looking for compassion and relief.  They are suffering.  They need our presence for their healing process to begin.  When we are holding a strong sense of Me Here, it allows the resistance to unfold in its own way and its own time.

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6 thoughts on “Asking, What is There in Me? Just Noticing the Different Body Responses!”

  1. Dear Kevin,
    Thank you for this, as I now must again thank you for all of these intunements.

    When I heard you describe “confusion,” it drew me in. This happens to me in those difficult moments where the temptation arises to distract myself with something—easy to turn to the computer, the book, the TV, the latest problem to worry about. The natural wish to get away from myself and what’s happening there, in my thoughts and feelings. Get away from that cacophony of thoughts that all disagree with each other, as disorienting as a carnival’s wavy mirrors and scary houses with strangely angled rooms, floors that tip in a different direction with each step of my foot.

    Who wouldn’t want to avoid that? Hello!

    Now I realize: that’s why I awake in the night sometimes; the confusion comes, and it’s harder to find distractions in the night.

    And that’s when I—occasionally—write my ‘letters to God.’ Which are essentially focusing sessions with spirit as my listener. I am so helped at these times, with grounding, having something come that needs attention, holding-both my GP and all that comes, sitting—painfully—with the not-knowing, and then, thankfully, having something come that surprises and comforts. No one has to give me any advice, no one has to ‘analyze’ the situation, no one needs to reassure me. The reassurance comes from that-which-is-beyond-me and can only come in heartfelt connection.

    It’s as though I’ve only really heard this in the last few weeks: that we have the option of sitting-with whatever comes, without analyzing, without problem-solving. Just sit-with-it.

    So simple.

    Not only am I changed, I see this having a ripple effect on those important to me.

    Oh, and I must also mention: I’m grateful for your mentioning desires and wants, and asking that simple question: “what’s wrong with desires?” I like it. I don’t want to imagine giving the answer to my mother, my grandmother and all those ancestors who said we should clamp down on any desire. Repression used as a second-best to sitting-with, and waiting for something new to emerge, something that does only good and no wrong. So, I like the question and I like letting it hang there in the air between me and all that repression.

    With thanks for WBF, with thanks for that-which-is-beyond-us,

  2. This intunement helped me to feel the pain of the part I am resisting. I’m sitting with the “not knowing” how to offer my compassion for its struggle.

  3. Dear Kevin,

    I liked this it resonated with my struggle today.

    As I come back to me here it is so painful my head is so full there is so much trying hard so much stuff in it. I’m trying hard to listen to get what you are saying. If I empty my head it fills straight up again.
    So I play this recording again.
    This time I really come back to me with a surrendering.
    What is really there?
    All of it, not just the painful head.
    I feel my dog at my feet she makes some warmth come there. I feel the cold air on my nose, my ears hear the traffic and the clock ticking, the chair is under me, I feel my back and the chair, my legs and the chair.
    I let my head be as it is – I surrender. There is a tight band around it. I don’t try to work it out or try to make it go away, I just let it be there with all the other things.
    When I let the hurting be there it is not quite so bad as when I am fighting it.

    For now just for this moment it is okay.

  4. I am just allowing those words to inhabit my world that came from yours. “that-which-is-beyond-us”, and the beautiful struggle that seems to haunt you at times. And then something happening when you turn to prayer and seems to respond to you in this way that melts away your deep anxieties! Once again, I love how we all have this resource inside of, call it what we will, but we know it when we feel its presence. Some call it the presence of the ‘soul intelligence’. And it gets stronger in us the more we turn to it with trust and desire for more! Thank you for sharing this wisdom with us. Kevin

  5. I love this story of a very painful event unfolded the way it did. There seemed to me that something in you that was listening to you, and then your consciousness just shifted without explanation. But something new was there and you liked that.


  6. Noticing…, accepting what’s there. What’s within Me. Accepting/sensing/feeling the calm smoothness of Me Just Here Now. Of Me who recently had discovered how she was resisting doing what is safe…, healthy…, quiet for her. And accepting that that resistance was there. Within Me.

    Which, like the resistance in you Kevin, shifted and began moving away. Which has helped pave the way towards this new Accepting. And Me being Calm Smoothness. Inside. Within.

    And more….

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