How to Participate in the Activities

of the Blog

Some Definitions:

Blog – the website that contains the Posts, Replies, Likes and Shares

Post – What one shares with the blog. It could be prose or poetry, a podcast, a photo,  painting or video.

Reply – A comment a reader adds to a Post.

Like – A click on the “Like” button to acknowledge you appreciation for the Post or Reply.

Share – A click on one or more of the social media icons at the end of the blog in order to share a post with people on your social network.

Follower – A reader who has signed up as a follower in order to get notifications when someone has added a post to the blog.

Contributor – Someone who adds posts to the blog.  The list of current contributors can be seen on the left hand side of the blog.

To Translate Post using Google Translate

Use the Google Translate widget on the menu on the left side.  Choose your language from the drop down menu.  The text will change to the language you selected.  While you are reading you can hover over the text you are reading to get the original text.  To return to English change the language back to English in the same way.

To Reply to a Post

At the end of the blog is an area for replies.  At the bottom of the previous replies there is a title “Leave a Reply.”  Post your comment in this box.  When your are finished, the interface will ask for your email address and name.  Your website is optional.  You might want to click on “Notify me by email when the comment is published.”  This is a moderated blog.  When your post is approved, it will appear on the page below the blog.  Posts that are relevant to the blog and are in the spirit of focusing will be approved.

To Like a Post or Reply

Under each blog and comment there is a button with the word “Like” inside.” If you click on this button, it will ask for our name and email address.  You will be asked to add your WordPress or Gmail account address in order for the “Like” to register.

To Share a Post

Click on one of the icons for the social media of your choice.  The most reliable way to build an audience for the blog is when people share a blog

To Follow the Blog

Click on the word “Follow” at the bottom right of the first blog page.  It will open to the interface that will allow you to get automatic notifications of new blogs and comments. You will get an email saying that you will receive email notifications of new material.

To Search the Blog

In the menu on the left at the bottom is a search box that will search the blogs for key words. Use this to find a blog on a theme of interest.

To Get Permission to Submit a Blog Post to this Site

If you would like to become a “contributor” to this blog, please provide your information on the “Contact” page and a reason why you would like to become an author or contributor in the comment box on the contact page.  You will be contacted regarding your request.


If your request to become a Contributor is approved, you will receive an invitation to become a Contributor.  You will get an email to that effect and you will need to click on the link in the email and set up your contributor account.  A Contributor can create and edit only their own posts, but cannot publish them.

To post a blog if you are a contributor, log in using the menu at the bottom left of the front page by clicking on “Contributor’s Log in.”   It will take you to another page.  In the upper right corner and click on “Log in.”   Fill out your user name and password.  A new page will appear.  In the upper left hand corner there will be the words “My Sites. Click on that.  Click on  “Add after “Blog Posts.” A new page will appear.   Enter the title of the blog where it says “Title.”  Below the Tool bar paste in your text.  If you want to upload an image.  Place the cursor where you want the image to appear and click on “Add” and then “Media” in the tool bar.  It will go to a page with the photos used in the blog.  Drag the photo you want into this area.  When it has uploaded, click insert at the bottom right.   To save the page, press “Publish” in the upper right corner of the page.  Your blog will appear when it is approved.