A Togetherness

Photo Credit: barebody&soul

A togetherness

Turning inwards,
cultivating a quiet flame,
a seed,
an unfolding
in the dark.

Allowing this light to take form –
a drawing-in to itself
& a spreading-out…

Making space for the surrender,
a togetherness takes shape:

Finding your own metaphor
for this belonging,
beyond you & me.

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One thought on “A Togetherness”

  1. This leads me to feel my journey into self isolation in which I am finding ways to turn inside and be with myself. IN normal times I live my life relating to outside so now in my isolation I am turning in and finding my own flame amidst the dark, the dark that seems to come with the fear generated by the invisible enemy we are all fighting. Finding a togetherness within me….. a new adventure!

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