Diana Scalera

Diana Scalera has been living with Focusing as part of her life since 1999 when she first attended a series of Ann Weiser Cornell’s Living with Focusing Retreats.  She first began working with Kevin McEvenue in 2004 to learn how Focusing can be silent and involve movement and energy.  Beginning in 2013, Diana began the Advanced Wholebody Focusing Training  with Kevin McEvenue and Karen Whalen and received her Professional Certification as a Wholebody Focusing Trainer from The International Focusing Institute in 2016.  She continues to be mentored by Kevin McEvenue.

She is also a Third Degree USUI REIKI RYOHO Master.  She is the administrator and a writer of this blog.  Her practice includes facilitating a Reiki Clinic and teaching a Wholebody Focusing class at the Sirovich Senior Center in Manhattan.

Description of Approach

Diana starts with finding out what clients already bring to the table.  What are their strengths and needs?  She creates a plan to help clients address their needs in their own best way using the concepts of Wholebody Focusing.  She will explore with clients ways to find and stay in grounded presence and to connect with what their bodies and souls are wanting.  Often, this is a wordless, non-threatening process in which the client can learn to be with what is there in their lives. Clients will learn how to be with a particular moment in partnership with other focusers and with themselves.  The goals of this training is to help each client find their own best way of being and healing.




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Phone: 212 673-4489