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“The life in you touches the life in me.”

Kevin McEvenue’s Wholebody Focusing Blog was born out of the desire to have an open international community dialogue with other Wholebody focusers and with all people who are on a healing path. The purpose of these dialogues is not so much to learn from academic research but from sharing our own direct experiences.

Kevin McEvenue, the founder of Wholebody Focusing, is enthusiastic about the mission of this blog. He has contributed 36 Audio Guiding Suggestions that can be used freely to create and strengthen a daily Wholebody Focusing practice. He will continue to contribute to the blog in other ways by sharing his new thinking and direct experiences.

You will find a diversity of voices and types of communication here from traditional prose, poetry, audio files, paintings, photos, and videos all of which relate to our experiencing Wholebody Focusing in our lives.

We have contributions in different languages including Chinese, English, Finnish, Italian, Spanish and Swedish and viewers from more than 40 countries. Some posts are bilingual. All posts can be translated using the Google Translate widget on the left sidebar. Our contributors are from Canada, China, Finland, Mexico, Sweden, United Kingdom and United States. We encourage anyone who is interested in participating in our work to become a follower. If you are interested in contributing your own work, kindly send an email to me that you would like to become a contributor to the blog.

Kevin has posted a wide variety of Audio Guiding Suggestions that one can use to access one’s own body wisdom in the way that is best for that individual. These files are also an opportunity to learn new aspects of Wholebody Focusing. We support all these practices from Heartfelt Conversation to movement as the main contact with body wisdom.

We also help link participants to teachers and programs that teach and support Wholebody Focusing.  Please check our Upcoming Events list and the Author’s Biography pages.

We invite you to participate in the dialogue. You can read what others have written, introduce yourself to the community through liking and replying to posts, be part of the dialogue of the blog and/or help build this community through supporting the technological aspects of this work.

We ask that those who enjoy this blog, kindly like the posts that move you, share them on your social networks, become a contributor, and/or help build our outreach.

Finally, no fees are charged and no money is earned in running this blog. It is a work of love.

Diana Scalera
Administrator of Kevin McEvenue’s Wholebody Focusing Blog.

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