The Experience of Something that has a Consciousness all its Own!

When I began to listen to this intunement, I noticed a Quiet come over me, as I listened to Kevin’s voice.  A field opened up.  He reminded me, as listener, to “be present to myself.”   Then Kevin said something about “plugging in to something bigger than us.”  I liked hearing that.  I experienced a sense of possibilities coming in many different ways through the spacious satellite-dish that is my WholeBody.

It occurred to me:  What really happens is beyond these wordsthe words that he was using.  It feels important to me to underline that.  Each of Kevin’s intunements brings a deeper knowing in me.  I might even express it this way:  They bring me in-tune with myself.

Elizabeth Morana

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2 thoughts on “The Experience of Something that has a Consciousness all its Own!”

  1. I am aware that I am avoiding a nameless something before I start listening to this intunement. I hear Kevin’s voice and my legs start their normal movement.  My hands grab onto the desk as if to stabilize me.  I concentrate on the sound of Kevin’s voice without much comprehension.  My body continues to move.  At one point, my hands let go of the desk and turn upwards and gather energy.  I continue listening and more comes without words or images, just movement in my legs.  My hands return to their gripping of the desk. I am with this movement, aware of its urgency and letting go of any need to make meaning of it.  I want to call this intunement “The Need to Hold onto Something.”

  2. Dear Diana

    What you share from this Intunement sounds so real and so true when face with the something that feels alive in ourselves that is not of our own making. We have to find something to hold on to, something solid. It is almost as though life itself is scary and part of that is true if you are not on solid ground at the same time. We need a safe container. We talk about being in grounded presence as such a solid containment that seems needed to look at something beyond our control.


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