From a Solid Base of Me Here I ask, “What is going on in Me Right Now?”

As I sit listening to Kevin’s voice, I notice a desire to rest my hands on the desk in front of me.  There is a wanting for the stability that this gives me beyond the contact of my feet on the ground.  I feel a stronger sense of safety with this stability.

I let myself be with this new sense of stability.  I notice how my sense of the temperature in the environment has changed as if a cool breeze has swept through the room.  When that passes I notice how my feet want my attention.  They have problems.  The stability of my hands allow my feet to be heard.
Diana Scalera

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One thought on “From a Solid Base of Me Here I ask, “What is going on in Me Right Now?””

  1. What is going on in me right now just revealed:

    i don’t need to solve that problem.

    I don’t need to solve that problem.

    i don’t need to solve THAT problem.

    i don’t have to RESOLVE that question.

    i don’t have to.

    and then…….

    Just because it’s sometimes fun for me to brain-storm with mySelf doesn’t mean I’m obligated to. Because something in my Body has recognized the ways I storm my brain when I engage that way.


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