What do I do When Something Feels Right?

Photo Credit: Eddie Nunns New Mexico Sunset

It feels in me that this intunement isn’t only about how we might squeeze our eyes—for me it touches into the ways I squeeze mySelf in order to do whatever I “must” do.  Alters Me. Compromises Me.

This intunement reminds me that through WBF and Heartfelt Connections I’ve been able to find Me—this Me is able to see more because there is more of Me to hold her, more of Me allowing more to emerge.

And all of this brings me to be able to ask: how do I squeeze mySelf in order to take in what I think is around me? Can I hold that question at the same time I hold your understanding that my own brain-confusion “is not of my own doing”?

Or is it?!!!?  Can I hold that question too?

Maybe in this moment I can say: I am embodied, therefore I am.  And this embodiment, with the richness of its seeing/vision, is the
“I Am-ness” of me.

Lynn Bryce Rosen

One thought on “What do I do When Something Feels Right?”

  1. Dear Lynn

    As I hear your words I have a sense of a mutual sharing that has happened between us when you heard this Intunement. So I listened again to my own words once more and I could sense there was so much there in you that has opened up here and I am curious about you story that was awakened. Is there away for you to share more of your story here, now awakened? Perhaps in the “Comments” section? It points to something that realizes that the life in you touches the life in me for more, that is how it works. And here is a moment that demonstrates how it works.


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