Something in Me Hurts!

In the first 12 intunements, Kevin helps us strengthen our sense of Me Here.  Something in Me Hurts is the beginning of a new phase of this this work–a phase that guides us to being with the parts of ourselves that need our attention and love.  This new group of intunements helps us hold both Me Here and something else. The first intunement of this group works with a painful part.

Something in Me Hurts!  is an intunement that supports us when we need loving kindness for a part of us that has pain or is suffering.  Kevin walks us through, in real time, what happens to him when he awakes to a painful shoulder.  He connects to himself and to the part that hurts which allows both to become more aware of themselves and each other. Through this process something new emerges.

Feel what happens when you share this experience with Kevin.

Something in Me Hurts! Intunement

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4 thoughts on “Something in Me Hurts!”

  1. Thank you, Kevin. I call this intunement a ‘demonstration’, you showing us/me how to really listen to my body, and what happens there. I have often wondered how you listen to me, how you listen to yourself, and here you show us so clearly. This is a Gift that I have consciously asked for many times–without words. Thank you for it.

  2. Kevin, I feel as if I have been that shoulder and I feel so listened to, so loved, so respected that I glow….grateful! Kit

  3. What a struggle it was for me to listen to this. It is a struggle to be quiet… to ignore the jaggedness of how my nervous system is affecting me. Affecting my vision, my concentration, my usual-ability to settle in to Receiving you, your voice.

    My vision processing struggles are just that, these days: STRUGGLES. Or perhaps more accurately: I am struggling against them. Struggling against my brain’s inability to have my eyes sustain focus, sustain coherent vision rather than doubling, sustain concentration and comprehension. Struggling against my eyes and the rest of my body’s ability to experience Wholeness.

    As I listened there was Something in Me that was simultaneously wanting to be able to receive you at the same time that another Something was lurching me away from mySelf. And also…even another Something that was inviting me to stay near you even as I couldn’t experience grounding or wholeness.

    And then… you began to experience some moving, some new ability of your shoulder to release itSelf into moving—-my right arm lifted itSelf in front of me and began swinging in a figure-8, crossing my midline again and again and again. In my head I “know” that this is a functional action for my brain’s processing. But it wasn’t my head that told my arm to raise.

    It was that alchemical Something that occurs when the words emerge from you and bring about a new emerging from me. My right arm continued its figure-8 moving. And was joined by my left arm. And as both arms moved in opposition to each other, more of my body “came online”, joining in the moving…, bringing more of Me together, moving to-wards Wholeness. Bringing just the right amount of bodily moving that my brain and eyes were in need of.

    And then I came to a landing—after what had begun as a rickety ride that seemed not to promise much. And the landing was gentle. Easy. No bumps. Quiet. I’m more within mySelf now even as my heart beats too fast from what my brain and eyes are doing. And, having written that, I find that there is yet another Something in me that can offer comfort to the too-fast beating and the ongoing wish for gentle-easy-no bumps-quiet nervous system.

    There’s a quiet sort of trust beginning to emerge. Along with a knowing that I’m not obligated to “do” any of this by mySelf. I have you here, Kevin, along with the web of all of us who are here together. My too-fast beating heart welcomes all of that. And is grateful.

  4. I woke up this morning realizing that reading and listening to this piece, “It Hurts,” awakened a felt sense in me. However, it was not in the shoulder but somewhere else. The felt sense had no specific message until it was allowed to form again freshly.

    It could be taken into a whole new fresh process– like I could feel pain in the right eye at the end of this blog. This eye broke down after that. My eye was trying to see.

    Kevin via Diana Scalera

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