The Power to Pause and Wait For!

This intunement is the last one in the “Coming Home” series of intunements that is the simplest and most gentle guide to grounded presence.  All that is needed is a desire to be with Kevin in grounded presence.  It is also a transition to the next series of intunements that support a deep level of being with all that is present in our lives.  Being able to pause is essential to being able to hold whatever comes. The pause allows these parts to find their own way home when they are ready.

Repeated use of this intunement can lead to the deeper sense of self that supports our ability to observe and hold, with equal regard, all our felt senses and body wisdom that emerge.

This intunement is especially suited to those of us who have learned to live our lives moving ahead at all cost without enough time for reflection or observation of what is there for us.  This intunement can be bookmarked on your computer and/or mobile devices in order to be easily available whenever there is a need to pause with a guiding voice as support for us to connect to our own “Me Here Now.”

Diana Scalera

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5 thoughts on “The Power to Pause and Wait For!”

  1. Thank you Kevin for creating this WholeBody Focusing Blog. I’m sharing this to our WBF training group in Hong Kong learning under Karen Whalen. I feel lucky to have access to this treasure. Joseph Sing (Hong Kong Focusing Institute)

  2. I am happy that you find these intunements awaken that sense of what feels alive in you, that human connection with another person who shares that feeling of alive that supports that experience of your self. I know I so need that feeling of support, that sense of me that feels more me now, not less in that sense of connection. Kevin

  3. Frustration. Exhaustion within. Not much of Me, here. Not much sensing of the physical Me. Of the Me whose envelop-of-my-skin boundaries Me. Not much aliveness.Not even a lot of willingness to be here, to engage, even to listen to the voice/person who has brought me comfort for so very many years.

    And then…, some swaying side to side, shifting my weight from one leg to the other. An even rhythm as Frustration and Exhaustion continue being alive in Me. Then…, my hand sliding rhythmically up and down the side of my leg, as if I were tying to warm mySelf. But it wasn’t for that reason. For no “reason”. Only the moving that continued emerging as I continued receiving Kevin’s voice. Kevin’s presence with Me. Here.

    The moving of my hand was joined by its sister hand and their rhythm increased until my hands broke away from my legs and began shaking themSelves in front of me. And all the while, Frustration and Exhaustion continued being alive in Me…, yet I experienced/noticed that they were becoming smaller. OR…, I—my embodied, grounded, presencing Self—was becoming more present. Expanding more into the space surrounding me. Meeting it. It meeting Me.

    I am more Me, now. More present, alive at the same time that Frustration and Exhaustion continue their own aliveness within. And I am grateful to recognize that even those feelings, those specific experiences, have an aliveness. They are not necessarily “stuckness”. They aren’t pleasant. I wish they were not present in Me. And yet, they, too, are aliveness.

    I have re-read what I have written. And the process of re-reading has enlarged Me, allowed my breathing to soften and deepen. Has allowed me to let Frustration and Exhaustion slip into a smaller space within Me.

    There is calmness alive in Me, now.

  4. What happening, for the first time it seems that others are beginning to find words to that inner process that seems come directly feel the aliveness as you move forward that begins with working through something that has begun to come unstuck or begin to unfreeze. It isn’t alway a comfortable process. To come alive to the self in this way can be painful but it is the pain of new life. Knowing and able to discern where it is coming from we welcome it with an open heart! That is my reaction when I hear Lynn and others able to say what is happening, that is happening before words or understanding. Thank you, Kevin

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