Felt Sense Naming and Reflecting a Body Experience

Kevin invites us, here, to join him in an exploration that covers some really revolutionary material that most of the world doesn’t entertain—that we can develop a relationship with our own bodily experiences.  There’s a whole lot here, so feel free to pause this audio to really take it in, as he draws us forward through the many nuanced steps toward a relationship between our consciousness and our felt sense.

I was especially energized to hear his words:  what emerges is not of your own making.  Years of socialization make that difficult for me to take in.  And another personal favorite:  it’s almost as though the body waits for your connection….  ….almost as though it appreciates your attention.  Even now, I have a sweet spark of surprise when I realize that a relationship is forming:

Here I am, and there that is.  We are in relationship.

 Eliabeth Morana

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4 thoughts on “Felt Sense Naming and Reflecting a Body Experience”

  1. One Important thing went missing, Elizabeth Morana wrote this beautiful preamble and I didn’t see her signature at the end of it. Thank you Elizabeth, the description of this Intunement was so beautiful. Kevin McEvenue

  2. Thank you both. This, for me, is the pure essence of Focusing practice. In a nutshell. Ah! – LarryH.

  3. I appreciate the reminder that I do not have to do anything to create this relationship. The willingness to pause and turn “my” attention to the whole body are conscious actions on “my” part – a reflection of my desire to be in relation with my whole body and to explore with my Interoceptive sense. Such a relief to take this time for ME!!

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