Felt Sense Naming and Reflecting a Body Experience

Kevin invites us, here, to join him in an exploration that covers some really revolutionary material that most of the world doesn’t entertain—that we can develop a relationship with our own bodily experiences.  There’s a whole lot here, so feel free to pause this audio to really take it in, as he draws us forward through the many nuanced steps toward a relationship between our consciousness and our felt sense.

I was especially energized to hear his words:  what emerges is not of your own making.  Years of socialization make that difficult for me to take in.  And another personal favorite:  it’s almost as though the body waits for your connection….  ….almost as though it appreciates your attention.  Even now, I have a sweet spark of surprise when I realize that a relationship is forming:

Here I am, and there that is.  We are in relationship.

 Eliabeth Morana

4 thoughts on “Felt Sense Naming and Reflecting a Body Experience”

  1. One Important thing went missing, Elizabeth Morana wrote this beautiful preamble and I didn’t see her signature at the end of it. Thank you Elizabeth, the description of this Intunement was so beautiful. Kevin McEvenue


  2. I appreciate the reminder that I do not have to do anything to create this relationship. The willingness to pause and turn “my” attention to the whole body are conscious actions on “my” part – a reflection of my desire to be in relation with my whole body and to explore with my Interoceptive sense. Such a relief to take this time for ME!!


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