What Feels Alive in Me Right Now?

       This intunement encourages us to connect to something outside ourselves to support a deeper grounded presence. At the beginning of the intunement when Kevin mentions becoming “alive and awakened in my own core of being,” I felt a surge of anxiety.
       What is this fear? Something in me is afraid of connecting to my core.  There is a fear that I will not be happy with what I find. It might be something scary.  I followed Kevin’s suggestions and began grounding to the energy of my surroundings.  I live in an apartment in NYC.  It is made from bricks that were created out of the residue of the glacier that is now the Hudson River.  The floors of my apartment are covered in old oak parquet.  This is my way to ground to these of elements nature.  That made me feel safer when sensing my core—my essence.  When I was more strongly grounded, wordless movement came.

2 thoughts on “What Feels Alive in Me Right Now?”

  1. Your voice Kevin brings so much to me. There is definitely safety in your voice and as I listen I can feel my body change almost as if it is perking up to be with…

  2. Thanks Kit, I discovered finally that some voices in life out there are actually safe to me too and I can hear them in what they share and actually able to get beyond my resistance to people who tell me what to do! Some people are actually good for me, and supportive of what works for me and it is the ability to discern the different voices which are not the ones that I am used to. They have a different sound and my body responds accordingly.


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