Beginning a Wholebody Focusing Practice

I felt a shift in me that was so palpable. I knew something in me had fundamentally changed. It was like now I see the world upside-down or down-side-up—that kind of change of perception.

I’m envisioning a Daily Practice in Wholebody Focusing:  to embody and sustain that sense of Me-Here as a body-sense of my Self as the foundation place—an Inner-Directed Experience of who I am and what I want to do.

Over the years, it has become clear to me that we seem to desire to start with an Intunement, to begin to have a fresh sense of ourselves as a Wholebody Focusing experience—to get in touch with what might be there in us right now.

How am I? What is going on right now? How can I make room for that? –that kind of attention. We seem to need some kind of solid grounding, something that we can hold onto, to allow those kinds of questions to emerge.

We usually start with some form of an Intunement to find that place in us that awakens what naturally wants to come alive and to inform us about ourselves and what is happening when it feels safe enough to do so!

It works when we can do this, and a sense of gratitude often follows when we spend time with ourselves in this way. It also initiates a relationship—it is not just a thought, it is an experience of me and something out there, a not-me, that together awakens a sense of feeling alive to myself beyond stuck-me!

But it is also a challenge because so much of our life experience constantly seems to get in the way of that direct experience of self—so many other things that need our attention—that the sense of Me-Here gets so easily forgotten.

So, we need to re-enforce that Me-Here-muscle—as it were—as the default place of what is happening in me and around me. It takes practice—perhaps a daily practice just for a few minutes, tuning into ourselves—so that it becomes natural and normal in everyday living, regardless of the challenges that come our way!

Those challenges themselves often become more manageable and not so overwhelming because Me-Here is also present in my consciousness at the same time.

This project of daily tuning into self is offering a way to practice that Me-Here-muscle, a safe place from which I notice what is going on—maybe a kind of pause that enables the space and the resources I need to facilitate some kind of appropriate action that feels right and almost effortless to facilitate that. And that right action is often affirmed immediately from the body itself! It is the opposite of that usually trying-so-hard or even-harder to get the results I need to succeed here!

Is there a better way? Only you can answer that. We are just offering a possibility using the structure of Wholebody Focusing as a resource that has proven itself useful to many of us, where it seems to fit our natural way of being and functioning. When we tune into ourselves in this way—even for the first time—it seems to know itself as something that feels just right for me—a fit—and perhaps I don’t even know why. Or it is a fit—and it isn’t easy—but it feels right. Something like that.

Now we are offering a daily practice to facilitate this embodied support more fully.

It is also an experiment—I don’t know if this is something that is wanted. We need feedback in how that is for you that lets us know where we can go from here. It is always—and will always be—a work in progress.

At the end of this announcement. the administrator will give you instructions of how to access this daily practice of tuning in to yourself. Maybe it could be called: Finding me by finding you!

The Audio Guiding Suggestions will be added gradually, starting with a foundational level, to feel comfortable with yourself in this way.

And then gradually more levels of self-experiencing will be added as they naturally flow as a next step. Each phase of our awakening to who we are and what we want for ourselves naturally flows to the next. There seems to be a natural progression in human consciousness when we are ready and not before; and we will respectfully follow that process.

And yet the purpose of this project is clear: it is about me, finding you! Who am I and who are you? It is not so much a thought, as a direct experience of this vital question. I realize that was my question from the get-go and it took a lifetime to find an answer that satisfied my searching.

In my story, something happened unexpectedly at Summer School 2007. I felt a shift in me that was so palpable. I knew something in me had fundamentally changed. It was like now I see the world upside-down or down-side-up—that kind of change of perception. I didn’t know how to express that, even to me. But what came was a surprise to hear myself saying, I know me!  And then a kind of pause, I know you! and finally and with a great sense of embarrassment, I love me!

This is what Me-Here is, a direct experience of myself now!

I have no idea how I got here. But I kept practicing this kind of work with myself and others and then suddenly something just fell into place. Just like my Humpty Dumpty—which I sometimes describe as the story of my life—found on my website!

Kevin McEvenue

Beginning Intunement

Finding Me


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Thank you for you interest.

Diana Scalera  –  Administrator

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4 thoughts on “Beginning a Wholebody Focusing Practice”

  1. Thank you Kevin this is a great resource, I send you my appreciation.

  2. Thank you Kevin. I am really moved by the depth of what you are doing. I love the phrase,”Finding me, finding you.” I think that you are fulfilling a need in gently teaching people how to be in right relationship. We are deeply relational beings, bound in ways that transcend our differences. I don’t know who the author is of this quote but I heard it 40 years ago and it has stayed with me. ” A person becomes a person in relation to another and in no other way”. From my spiritual place inside I want to say ” You are engaging in a process of deep communion and trusting your body to be your guide into greater unity with self & other.” Your inner space will be expanded as well as that of the other.
    With love & deep appreciation,
    Mary McGuire

  3. Dear Mary thanks you for your supportive comments with a laugh. The quote you are referring to I thought came in your thesis and was Teilhard But maybe not! Yet is as though it may have been inspired by him. But is what I thought came from you. It has been fundamental to my core and I have moved in that direction ever since. If these intunements continue as I hope because they are good for me to do, you will see how this experience develops as part of “Finding me Finding You as a mystery to me and yet I know it is essential to finding myself, and for me there is no other way. Love Kevin

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