Let Your Experience Be

Welcome to the second video blog of a recent conversation between Kevin and UK Wholebody Focusing trainer Addie van der Kooy.  In the first clip Kevin and Addie explored the “inner core muscle” of “Me Here” and in this clip Addie speaks about another inner core muscle that can be activated by the practice of Letting Your Experience Be – a letting go of any notion of what your experience should be in each moment.  Enjoy!

Addie van der Kooy (avdkooy@outlook.com)

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3 thoughts on “Let Your Experience Be”

  1. “I can be okay, while not feeling okay.” Love this. Yes, a new practice: “trusting that whatever my experience is in this moment, it’s as perfect and right as it can be.” I definitely want and need to strengthen this inner core muscle.

  2. Thank you Addie and Kevin. I have recently played with this. I was in a situation in which I could feel grief creeping into my body and taking over. I didn’t want to get into tears so while recognising the grief I could find the okay place, what felt like a wholebody place that supported the grief, in some ways hugging it. I was okay while I wasn’t okay.

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