A Shared Body to Body Listening & Understanding Beyond Trying to Think

Wake up and enjoy who you are!  Love your resistance!  Feel you own energy! And let what wants your attention to have the space it needs.

Kevin demonstrates how Wholebody Focusing is about returning to our authentic selves and honoring ourselves over and over again.  He does this by walking us through a challenging shared experience with two people in his life and how he can be with those challenges and still be able to love and enjoy who he is.

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3 thoughts on “A Shared Body to Body Listening & Understanding Beyond Trying to Think”

  1. I really loved and took in the whole being with, making space for and allowing the Resistance. There was something about “loving” how the resistance felt in the body: “there is energy in my resistance”. Resistance has life in it! Thank you for that. I also liked the not having to solve the discomfort that came with others. Just naming it all, having it be heard, “and appreciated by me”, then something just shifts, and “I find myself back to me”.

  2. What a delight to take in your “Resistance”! A delight because I’ve recently come into connection with my own. With my Resistance to needing to sleep. Resistance to needing to do less. Resistance to…needing to moderate, to lessen my responses to someone close.

    Tho having written that last, I recognize that there’s no resistance to it. I’ve only recently become aware of how my responses [of joy, pride, happiness for] are received as being Too Much. That something about How I am interferes with the Other’s experience of Self, of the Other’s ability to receive, to take in while remaining his Self.

    There’s relief here now, at having received awareness of yet another of This New Thing I Experience About MySelf. And of having received that awareness through the inter-connecting with Kevin and the Community who is here with us now, in Grounding Presencing, sensing of Self and Other.

  3. Again…, anew!!! Laughing in joy and joining you in celebrating my Resistance! What freedom in that. What expanding, opening within me in ways that are allowing me to sense my expansiveness in the space surrounding me. The space that holds/supports me.

    And appreciating how your experiencing-awareness led you to sense and know how you were feeling. To sense and know what you were feeling so that you could eventually hold the Both of your feelings AND your sensing of yourSelf. Your ME HERE.

    Each time I join you, hear you and take you, in my own experiencing is different. New. Something more that wasn’t there earlier.

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