Tuning into a Direct Experience Awakens a Connection with the Embodied Self

In this intunement, Kevin took me back to the roots of focusing. Using the five senses, I found that place in me that is free of the “to dos,” the “shoulds” and the worries. There was Me There waiting to connect.  Revisiting this practice with Kevin’s guiding voice helped me to slow down and easily reconnect to my body. As I heard Kevin’s explanation of how being with ourselves in an authentic way is different from being with the narrative we’ve created, I began to reconnect to a safe and welcoming place in my own body.

Diana Scalera

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One thought on “Tuning into a Direct Experience Awakens a Connection with the Embodied Self”

  1. My hands rubbing against each other, with each other. Initially because they were cold. But throughout this intunement their rubbing became my connection, almost an entry into mySelf. Their rhythm, the sounds of my skin brushing against itSelf as I continued receiving Kevin’s voice—all of this brought me slowly into my Body. Brought me into the larger Self of my being. Brougnt Me into the Me who is connected with the atmosphere surrounding and holding me. The “stickiness” of my larger aura/being being touched by the “stickiness” of the atmosphere.

    And from all of that ongoing-ness came the Frustration and Confusion that had brought me to Kevin’s voice. As my hands’ rhythms and my body’s swaying followed the sounds of his voice, the Frustration began coming into its own experiencing of itSelf. Began shifting…, becoming larger, filling more space within Me. Shifting again as it became smaller. But all the while Frustration was sustained and held within the Presence of Me, of my Body. Frustration finding itSelf, exploring itSelf, beginning to inform Me of what it needs.

    The quietness of this isn’t what I would have expected of Frustration! Nor the calmness, its smoothness. In this moment I’m sensing its own right way of being…, now that I’ve been able to allow it to be only itSelf and nothing connected to stories or patterns or expectations.

    And from itSelf comes a sighing-relief and more clearly seen opportunity. A next step, perhaps. Yes, that’s it. A “stepping on to”. A finding my footing. No…..that’s not quite right. The “stepping on to” feels its own rightness within me, lives itSelf.

    And I let that be, too.

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