Haiku, Reiki and WBF

I have been writing Haiku about the energetic patterns of my days. I write them fast with very little editing to capture the moment and post them to Twitter.

I love the format of Haiku and have always used it to describe my urban experiences even though it is traditionally known as a form of poetry honoring nature. Since I love urban life so much, I include the urban built environment as part of “nature.” It is a product of humanity, therefore, for me, a part of nature. Almost everything we touch in cities is part of nature in some way. My very large apartment complex, for example, is constructed from bricks made from the clay residue of the glacier that became the Hudson River. I take great comfort in this as someone might living in a log cabin.

I’ve recently found, however, a desire to include my emotional nature as part of that expanded vision of nature. I have been writing Haiku about the energetic patterns of my days. I write them fast with very little editing to capture the moment and post them to Twitter. After a certain period of time, I will also post them to this blog as a way of seeing the continuity of one day’s energetic pattern to the next. The nature of Twitter does not lend itself to that kind of reflection. There are Wholebody Focusing Haiku that reflect what came for me in my practice of WBF and there are Reiki Haiku that are a reflection of what came in my practice of Reiki. The two practices work with energetic patterns with a goal of healing and are very complimentary. I share them with you as a way of living my practice.

Wholebody Focusing Haiku #1
An image came in sleep
That answered life long questions
A new part to love.

Wholebody Focusing Haiku #2
Chronic body tension
So normal it is unknown.
I hold space for it.

Wholebody Focusing Haiku # 3
Today’s disclosures
Make me shake with rage and strength.
My voice shows up now

Wholebody Focusing Haiku #4
Something has shown up
Big and full, with lots to say
Holding loving space

Wholebody Focusing Haiku # 5
Moving releases
Body’s felt sense energy
To find its own shift

Wholebody Focusing Haiku # 6
Middle of the night
Something wants to be noticed
Observing what’s there

Wholebody Focusing Haiku #7
Two of us share space.
Our bodies guide us to new
Depths of consciousness.

Wholebody Focusing Haiku # 8
She names our pain
I find something at my core
Anger of centuries

Wholebody Focusing Haiku # 9
Hello to anger
Take your time and feel my love
Soul rhythm moving

Reiki Haiku #1
Old Friends need new home
We Reiki situation

Reiki Haiku # 2
Shared Reiki with a friend
Deepening our connection
Love is all around.

Reiki # 3
Reiki clinic met
Today to share energy
With new attendees

Reiki Haiku # 4
Symbols helped me
Release what I did not know
Was stuck inside me

Random Haiku
Sis Rose McGowan
Led the way for us to speak
Our courageous truth.

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Author: Diana Scalera

I am a Certified Wholebody Focusing Professional and Reiki Master Level III. I am interested in the cross-section between Wholebody focusing and energy work. I offer Reiki treatments in person and at a distance. I am also available to train clients in WBF. Please contact me at wbf285@gmail.com

One thought on “Haiku, Reiki and WBF”

  1. My reflection on Diana’s blog December 10, 2017

    Diana said something about her sense of ‘nature’ in Manhattan. As she wrote this I could feel her felt sensing inyo connection with life around her in the bustle and the intimacy of a big city vibrating with itself in its people.

    Suddenly there was a shift in me in my perception and experience of “nature” and what that might be for me that is different having listened and sense into how it is for Diana, a different sense of nature and yet it is the same nature!

    I recognized that when I think of nature I go out to nature as a way of separating myself from someplace else, looking for a different experience over there, perhaps it is in the trees as I walked down a mountainside as I used to. But it was out there and I would walk into nature and perhaps walk through nature, but there is a separation between me and the forest.

    The shift for me here was that nature could be found in the life of people around me letting the vitality of a natural life, a human heart beating, and maybe I can feel that and realize that, that kind of closeness and intimacy that touches mine! This feels different, it is not something I go into so much as something I can intimately share and realize I too am a part of “nature”. I just want to take that in and pause awhile. I am part of nature, I am part of life around me, the life out there is actually pulsing with the life in me too at the same time.

    Kevin, December 10, and 2017.

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