An Inner-Directed Experience

Are you in need of some lighthearted play? Here is an intunement that will move you into an inner-directed body experience without narrative or particular intention other than to experience movement that is generated by your body alone. Kevin narrates the experience of asking his body to stand from a sitting position merely by relying on its own body wisdom sense of standing.

We can be partners in this game. If we invite our bodies, they may want to share the same experience with Kevin, something that takes longer than our own ability to stand and has many nuances that one might not expect.

So ask you body to stand, allow all necessary movement to emerge and let go of any need to create meaning or narrative out the experience.

What will come for you?

Diana Scalera

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One thought on “An Inner-Directed Experience”

  1. What a delight to have had your company here, to be companioned and accompanied in this way! My own Body and I found our own way to rise from the chair, moving in to some kind of swinging/swaying/toes-tapping dancing. And we were tickled with delight when, on your arriving at standing—there was a smile on your face, in your pelvis, in your legs. Such delight in one’s Body, one’s Self, one’s Being.

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