Something Good is Happening to Me

Something Good is Happening to Me

As a reader and a contributor to this blog, I’m very touched to hear this audio from Kevin, “Something is Happening That is Good For Me.”

And it turns out that he’s talking about his response to recent contributions and comments on this cyber-gathering place.  It’s as though I’m hearing it for the first time—that we are “…participating in something not of our own making…” in these recent writings.

He reminds us that we’re participating—we’re not passive carriers for inspired ideas—instead we‘re active participants in what comes through each of us; something that is uniquely helpful to the writer, and uniquely helpful—in yet another way—to the reader.

And he adds something else that I feel is new:  that we are experiencing “…a felt-sense, person-to-person.”  And he says “YES” to that, adding, “.that’s why I’m here in this moment, to say YES.”

Lucky us—to have the opportunity to sense into this new-knowing.

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3 thoughts on “Something Good is Happening to Me”

  1. There is something more here about me being responsible for the changes that are happening in me as I take part in these stories that deeply effect me and as I acknowledge that the energy contained in these stories are good for my wellbeing. Something happens when I agree with and give consent to that ‘goodness’ that is coming from something outside of me that is not of my making, and yet it does ‘make me’……. I become a participant in the expansion of my own wellbeing. Kevin

  2. Kevin,

    You wrote something that really jumped out at me, as though an Angel tapped me on the shoulder and said “…now pay attention to this, Elizabeth!….”

    You wrote:
    “….Something happens when I agree with and give consent to that ‘goodness’ that is coming from something outside of me that is not of my making,…”

    I sensed right away that it’s important for me to say ‘yes’….to agree with and give consent, as you said…. and I remembered I was feeling out of sorts an hour ago, an achey feeling in my body, anxious, disoriented, something-wrong-feeling……, and I turned inside, and kind of said ‘yes’ to something good coming…..even before it came…..and it did come: lightly, softly, quietly, and I felt a difference in my curmudgeon-y feeling….. the ok-feeling was ‘outside of me’ and ‘not of my making’…..and I was saying yes to it…. and I also gave space for the grumpy, out-of-sorts feeling too….and then felt it’s ok to rest, to not-get-anything-done….

    with thanks

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