The “Holding Both with Equal Regard” Challenge

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How do we live day to day with so much evidence that our society does not support basic human needs? It is like being children and having families that do not meet our needs. I propose that our readers practice “holding both with equal regard” when we are encouraged or disturbed by what is happening politically. Take time to be with the body sense of your experience and share the results in the comments section of this blog.

Election night 2016, my friends and I went to a performance of Coriolanus, a Shakespeare play about governmental corruption and abuse of power. At the end of the play, everyone in the audience turned on their cell phones at the same time and collectively groaned. The news said, much to everyone’s surprise in NYC, that Donald Trump had won the election for president.

From that night on, most Americans have had their concept of being an American undercut in some way. We all do not share the same ideas. For examples, some of us have been horrified by the growth of white nationalism, while others are firmly against the radical changes that some groups propose.

One thing that has happened, as a result, is that more people are taking an interest in politics and discussing it, arguing it, and feeling it in our bodies.

How Can Wholebody Focusing Help?

I propose we do a mini-research on how “holding both with equal regard” can help us to move forward in this challenging environment. This activity is not limited to people who live in the USA.  There are many reasons people in other countries are experiencing the same instability.  I recommend the following:

  1. Notice when you see, read, or hear something that is accompanied by a body reaction.
  2. Connect to your grounded presence.
  3. Pause to be with that reaction by holding both with equal regard. If it is something we like, give your body time to process it. If it is disturbing, also welcome it and allow your body to process this new information.
  4. Let your body show you when it is complete. You might notice that the strength of the reaction has lessened or you have moved on to another idea.
  5. Over time, notice if there is anything different in how you are experiencing the ups and downs of the current political situation.
  6. Send comments to the blog about what you are noticing.

We look forward to hearing from you.

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Author: Diana Scalera

I am a Certified Wholebody Focusing Professional and Reiki Master Level III. I am interested in the cross-section between Wholebody focusing and energy work. I offer Reiki treatments in person and at a distance. I am also available to train clients in WBF. Please contact me at

3 thoughts on “The “Holding Both with Equal Regard” Challenge”

  1. A note about the photo. When I saw this photo, I thought this is what we really mean when we say “holding both with equal regard.” Just as we would never favor one body part of a baby over another, we would hold each part of ourselves with equal love, compassion and presence. So imagine feeling that way about whatever emerges from your body. All parts are equally valued.

  2. Thank you Diana for reinforcing a practice that is really helpful in this turbulent time. One of the aspects I have learnt and I hope integrated from Wholebody Focusing is my connection to something bigger than me – I am not alone and something bigger than me supports me in this turbulent world. Reading the news can be so upsetting particularly when there are lives lost senselessly – the practice you share helps me feel the connection to every one and share love with them all. Thank you.

  3. Thank you Kit,

    It is so rewarding to hear how connecting to how other people practice Wholebody Focusing helps you. That is the whole purpose of the blog.

    There are so many ways grounded presence is useful as we live through these difficult times. When a new tragedy emerges, I hold space for the suffering that has occurred separate from the media exploitation and political jockeying that uses the event for some advantage. This way I can acknowledge the sorrow, horror and fear that the event generates in me separate from the the anger and disbelief the rest of it generates. I also hold space for the inevitable return to light that will come and invite the light to work through me.

    We can see that the light is emerging in new ways. While the leadership of the USA refuses to recognize human suffering, new voices are emerging that challenge that way of being. Some presidential candidates are demanding that we organize society around the needs of all people. One candidate even talks about the need to address the darkness of the period with light and love and heal the historic trauma that past policies have created. New voices have emerged possibly because the old voices are so out of control. Now I don’t feel so alone now in holding space for my desire to prevent suffering where ever possible and to bring in the light.


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