A Gift that Keeps Giving & How I Mustn’t Feel the Joy of all that Until I Pause!

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Here is where I want to begin, reflecting on what Diana shared below in her blog that will not let go of me until I say something. This was a very powerful connection that demanded my attention. I am appreciating how the power of Diana’s heartfelt piece on the Blog that so deeply touched me. There is so much there as I stop and make room for what wants to come in me now. Maybe see what comes for you here too. Kevin

Pauses Big and Small

“Each time I paused, I felt more like myself.  I felt more appreciation for who I am, the struggles I’ve survived and the beauty I created along the way.   This is an appreciation I had never felt before because I was always too busy trying to change myself to be something or someone “better.”  Instead, I now know that this treasure trove of information about me is readily available and that whenever I pause and hold space with equal regard for what is there, something new about me will emerge.”

       Diana Scalera November 19, 2018

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2 thoughts on “A Gift that Keeps Giving & How I Mustn’t Feel the Joy of all that Until I Pause!”

  1. Dear Kevin,

    I am very honored that “Pauses Big and Small” touched you so deeply. It wouldn’t have happened if I had not attended Addie van der Kooy and Ceceila Clegg’s “Practicing Presence”‘ workshop. Their emphasis on why pausing is so important and the experience of pausing in their class gave me the idea of pausing while I did what seemed like a boring task.

    When our community is connected we find new ways to impact each other’s healing in a deep way. Pausing is part of my day now. I paused often during my family’s holiday celebrations and found I enjoyed them more than any before.

    I encourage everyone who reads these posts to participate fully in this experience. Kevin spoke about how the interaction on this blog has helped him heal. It can help you too. Not only is it possible to enrich your practice but also you may have a chance to share the one thing that might help someone else find their own forward movement as Kevin did reading my blog that was influenced by the van der Kooy/Clegg workshop.

    Follow, Like, Share, Comment and Contribute to our community’s blog!! If you need help, please let me know at wbf285@gmail.com.

    Regards, Diana

  2. Sometimes I forget to pause and I lose myself.
    I got totally lost on Christmas day, I did not pause, I just kept going and going and going and I was exhausted by the end of it. I was angry and exhausted.
    The pause is sometimes hard to remember until after the moment of not pausing.
    My body would have liked to pause, but something in me was being driven, I have to do everything, I have to make sure every one is happy, everything is ready, I cant possibly stop.
    Now I can look back and see that I had no room for anyone, not even me.
    I am very sad about it but hope I will learn and remember how bad it felt.

    Thank you Kevin and Diana for this reminder of another way.

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