Meditation is Continuous Transformation / Meditaatio on jatkuvaa muodonmuutosta

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Kevin McEvenue asked if I can be in contact with Eero Voutilainen, the Finnish Wholebody Focusing pioneer, and ask what meditation means to him.

The life of Eero Voutilainen is currently mainly focused on home due to mobility and balance problems. With the inspiring programs on TV he remembers different stages and turning points in his life that can more deeply open to his consciousness through meditation. These memories, Eero says, are often part of subconscious, in which there  are no words.

Eero has noticed that, at its best, meditation is an acceptance of a wordless space, the space beyond any words. According to Eero

“Meditation is airy, airy licking. It allows us to be free and liberated from our own self, own ego, that easily limits our own reality. In meditation our self is not anchored to anything, but it moves sparingly. It is in a continuous transformation process throughout our life, where the caterpillar re-emerges and becomes a butterfly, all over again. Our self, our ego, is in between the subconscious and superego, and in a continuous transformation process throughout our life. The subconscious is consciousness of something underneath that of which we cannot hold in consciousness. Meditation opens the world that we need to gently listen and receive. Superego is much clearer, each of us can recognize it.”

When I asked what kind of photo Eero would like to be attached to this blog, he answered: “A picture of autumn forest, of one leaf floating in air. All those leaves that are floating to the ground are like letters that, when falling find each others again, merging into words.” This was a memory of his visit at the meditation museum in Spain.

Kevin McEvenue kysyi, voisinko olla yhteydessä Eero Voutilaiseen, suomalaiseen Wholebody-fokusointipioneeriin, ja kysyä, mitä meditaatio on hänelle.

Eero Voutilaisen elämä on tällä hetkellä painottunut liikkumis- ja tasapainovaikeuksista johtuen pääsääntöisesti kotiin. Television virikkeellisten ohjelmien myötä hänen mieleensä palaa oman elämän vaiheita ja käännekohtia, jotka meditaation avulla voivat avautua tietoisuuteen. Nämä muistot ovat Eeron mukaan usein alitajunnan osana, siellä, missä on sanattomuutta.

Eerolle meditaatio on parhaimmillaan suostumista sanattomaan tilaan, tilaan, joka on sanojen tuolla puolen.

“Meditaatio on ilmavaa, ilmassa oloa, ilmassa leijumista. Siinä suomme itsellemme mahdollisuuden olla vapaana niin, että vapaudumme omasta minuudesta, egosta, joka helposti rajaa omaa todellisuuttamme. Minuus ei ole meditaatiossa ankkuroituneena mihinkään vaan liikkuu väljästi, on jatkuvassa muodonmuutosprosessissa, jossa toukka uudelleen ja uudelleen syntyy perhoseksi. Freudin yliminän ja alitajunnan välissä on välitila, minuus, joka on transformaatioprosessissa koko elämämme ajan. Alitajunta on alla olevan tajuamista, jota ei voi tajuta. Mietiskelyssä avautuu se maailma, jota tulee kuunnella ja ottaa vastaan hellävaroen. Yliminä on selkeämpi, sen tunnistaa jokainen.”

Kun kysyin, minkä kuvan Eero haluaisi tähän blogikirjoitukseen, Eero vastasi: ”Valokuvan syksyisestä metsästä, yksin leijuilevasta puun lehdestä. Maahan leijuvat lehdet ovat kuin kirjaimia, jotka pudotessaan löytävät toisensa, yhdistyvät sanoiksi.” Tämä on yksi muisto Eeron elämänmatkalta, käynnistä meditaatiomuseossa Espanjassa.

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7 thoughts on “Meditation is Continuous Transformation / Meditaatio on jatkuvaa muodonmuutosta”

  1. Thank you for sharing Eero’s words with us! I miss him and sense him strongly in his words, and beneath his words. I feel the truth of his observation that the “….ego….easily limits our reality…” and also that our “…self….is in a continuous transformational process throughout our life.” That is my experience, especially recently.

    Eero taught me much about silence during and after the WBF Intensive at Stony Point and during the times that we joined in silence on skype. This brings to mind: our fellow WBF trainer, Marine de Freminville said spontaneously last Saturday during the on-line WBF webinar, “Silence is really the world of the Body”.

    I send him a heartfelt ‘hello.’ Hello, Eero. I am enriched by our acquaintance.


  2. Thanks a lot! I sent your comment to Eero and he was very thankful for your words. Heartfelt ‘hello’ to you from him!

  3. Dear Maria

    Your message from Eero and what meditation is for him brings me back to him again so powerfully as though it is now and not yesterday. And yet I realized in this message that we have been connected all along! So embodied was the connection and never a word spoken about this. The connection with Thomas Keating through Richard Rohr, the awakening of meditation for me though “Headspace” as a daily practice, and actually the creation of this Blog which enabled me to find my voice in these recordings. It is all there in these connections. It is all there once again and affirmed in this truth, “we grow as a person in connection with other persons and in no other way.” Kevin

  4. How lovely to read Eero’s words and know of him speaking with you, Maria I’m warmed with that and to hear of his response to you Elizabeth as well. Just sensing my felt sense of Eero in me just now brings such a warm resource of his presence and deep kindness. My body recognizes something more as well. I open and release and relax in some way that seems more than me. Hello Eero. Hello to Maria. Hello Elizabeth. Hello Kevin who asked Maria to speak with Eero. Hello You who read these words just now as well. There is a medium/a flow/a living interconnection even beyond these words though the words allow something to reconnect. I sense more in the “Continuous Transformational Experience.” And here I rest. Grateful to be here. Thank you each and all, just now especially Diana, for supporting all these connections and helping me with this post.

  5. Your comments enliven and bring gratitude to Eero. An invisible connection is impressive. That’s where we go beyond the words so that the message of the words is involved. They get processed themselves and are like echoes. “Silence is the soundboard of sound,” as Eero’s friend used to say. Echo starts and goes on even though you are not aware of it. Thank you for your sharing!

  6. Oh my, thank you, Maria, for your generosity in sending my comment along to Eero…….. my heart felt it immediately upon reading that he sends me a heartfelt ‘hello’….

  7. Hello Laura, Your words are like a soft light brought to bear here in this place of contact and I feel drawn to repeat some of what you’ve acknowledged:

    “….There is a medium/a flow/a living interconnection even beyond these words though the words allow something to reconnect. I sense more in the “Continuous Transformational Experience.” And here I rest…..”

    Thank you for drawing my/our attention to the ‘continuous transformational experience’ we are each moving through….(and somehow my ‘cousin’–water–smiles too)

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