A Moment of Kindness that felt so Satisfying!

I had just gotten on a bus and a lady offered me her seat. The normal reaction would be simply, “Oh! she is being so nice.” But something more unfolded between us.

A moment of kindness that felt so satisfying.

We have been practicing moments of Wholebody Focusing and Heartfelt Connection with one another in enjoying these blogs, awakening something very special in each of us. I know I have.  And some of those moments stay with me and enrich and expand my own life experience in me and around me–often in very unexpected ways. Here is a moment like this when I was able to Pause and enjoy the moment–as several of you have suggested.

In this recording, I want to share an unexpected  kindness that happened in a situation that felt so deeply touching and satisfying and so uninvited. The situation was really quite ordinary. I had just gotten on a bus and a lady offered me her seat. The normal reaction would be simply, “Oh! she is being so nice.”  But something more happened because I was open to actually feel the body connection unfolding between us, and I was able to step back and become aware of what was happening–happening without a single word being spoken, but deeply felt.

I would like to invite you to stay with me and join me in this kind of event which may have happened to you too, and maybe awakened a similar bodily felt connection that seemed heartfelt and so satisfying. Kevin.

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3 thoughts on “A Moment of Kindness that felt so Satisfying!”

  1. This is so lovely Kevin, to have so much happen in the silence, much more than words could say. Oh to be able to converse with people in this deeper way…this feels good to me.
    Just to hear someone who is suffering is very powerful. Just to be felt and heard nothing more, yes!

  2. I love how what came from your interaction was the awareness of another. You became aware that something in you changed. When we are seen for who we are by an unknown other, it strengthens our sense of self and allows us to make room for ourselves and that other. What happens next is sometimes amazing as in your experience.

    I was on a crowded subway during a heavy commute. I was sitting in grounded presence following a practice of silently wishing those around me their heart’s desire. It helps generate positive energy for me and for others. I do this when I am in spaces that can be challenging or when I feel a need to generate some positive energy.

    There was a small space between me and the passenger sitting next to me. There was a woman standing in front of that space. When I wished her her heart’s desire, she put one of the bags she was carrying into that small space and looked relieved. I sensed that that my wish for her well being was received and that she felt supported in taking that space–something that is not a given on a crowded subway car.

    As Eero said in his interview “Meditation opens the world that we need to gently listen and receive.” Sometimes grounded presence has that same effect.

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