When Love Pays Attention to a Deep Wound

Heartfelt Loving Beyond Expectation
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This audio tells us about an unusual solo focusing session—no listening partner—and its extraordinary aftereffect, described by an advanced Wholebody focuser who had decided to sit-with a serious medical condition for which surgery had been recommended.  

He knew he needed to pause.

He speaks succinctly.  No explanations!  No analysis!  When confronted with chronic pain, he simply sat-with what came, watched and consented to the thoughts, the feelings, the inner-directed movements that came directly from the Body—simply present to all-that-came without trying to change it.  Or to explain it.

After two hours of simply sitting-with, the pain was largely gone. And, for all the twenty years since, his chronic, medically-recognized symptom has not reappeared.

I wonder what you will notice when you listen to his story.

And I welcome you to share, here, your own unique transformative experiences that have resulted from your own inner-listening to stuck places.

I know I will open myself to this invitation as well.

Hearing from each other on this blog can be a powerful way for us—as a community—to explore our emerging edge together.

Elizabeth Morana
Adapted from a recording from Nada Lou

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4 thoughts on “When Love Pays Attention to a Deep Wound”

  1. For me this is Wholebody Focusing distilled in a nut shell! It is all there and the moment is totally transformative. Not only was the physical condition changed and perhaps more importantly so was his attitude to opening his heart to life around him just as he had opened his heart to the pain itself giving it the loving attention it needed to begin to heal itself! He committed himself to two hours without demanding anything in return. And then came a new way of being that somehow happened, out of the blue so to speak, spending quality time in this way, even without the assurance of any answers!

    This seems like a familiar situation where a part of the body has been overworked and its functioning compromised to the point of breakdown. But when human consciousness is able to hold this critical painful part of ourselves with love and appreciation something can happen at the core of this very pain to become aware of itself in a way that will awaken its own consciousness of its own possibilities and hence its healing potential.

    Now twenty years later this physical condition has never returned, and again what is also significant is how his life seemed to blossom from that day forward when he made that conscious act to take good care of himself. It seems like life itself took good care of him too! For me that seems to be the primary relation, a relationship with ourselves, how we are with Me. The rest seems to follow.

    Kevin McEvenue

  2. Kevin,

    Your comments enrich my hearing of this. I am sitting with the wondering about when we “open ourselves to the pain…” perhaps we are also opening ourselves to “life around us”! Something expands here.

    And I love hearing again that he ‘….demanded nothing in return…’ Something is speaking to me here about this too.

    And I love hearing that “…life itself took good care of him.” I feel cared for!


  3. Elizabeth I’m moved by…, actually deeply-within touched by all you’ve written. You’ve helped me by “highlighting” the essence of what this Focuser brought to himSelf and what all of that ultimately brought to his larger Life. What a powerful example of how Wholebody Focusing brings about transformation in one who listens AND demands nothing in return.

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