Active Meditation to Inform Me about Me

I’ve listened to this intunement today—more than once, as there’s so much.

Kevin says that there’s a vast body of information available to us. And it’s accessible! Something rises up in me, and it says, Yes, that’s true! Somehow, I am very, very sure there is a vast-universal-awareness-of-knowing, and that we can know it.

Then he adds, And it’s not me making it happen. A lot of energy rises in me when I hear this. He’s sharing this from his Whole Self—like a grass fire that spreads, and awakens in me a memory.

And there’s so much more—he noticed he can awaken that in someone else—and it wasn’t just him doing it! Hearing that, this comes: There’s this flame in me, it receives from beyond-me, and it speaks.

Elizabeth Morana

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2 thoughts on “Active Meditation to Inform Me about Me”

  1. Dear Elizabeth

    As I read what comes in you here I find myself awakened once again how true this is for me, that its there and it is not of my own making, there is something in me that awakens me and I can see it hear it and feel it, and then some times I do something with it. It feels gifted in some way and I feel pleased that I did it!


  2. Hi Kevin,

    A little bit of a surprise to me, that when I read your words in your comment saying, “It’s not of my own making,” I feel something inside strengthening a whole lot, and saying, “True! Not of my own making!”

    And now I am not surprised at all. Those words are so true.

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