A New Way to be with Pain

I like this intunement. It was recorded several months ago and as I just listened to it now, I noticed that a change of direction happened that will probably be explored more deeply. As participants become more comfortable with the invitation to notice “What is alive here?” or “How am I right now?” they will begin to make room for what comes. In this intunement I demonstrate something that is happening in my body now and give voice to that experience.

This intunement is also a demonstration of what it is to speak directly from our own felt experience giving it a voice to speak from itself. Notice what happens in me, in my own body, as it responds to that invitation to speak for itself. How does my body change when it feels heard and supported to express itself so directly. Somehow that feels kind of radical to give a part of me that kind of voice. You might be surprised how that might differ from what you expect!

Kevin McEvenue

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One thought on “A New Way to be with Pain”

  1. Thank you for this Kevin,

    When I listened today it bought many tears. So something inside was saying yes to the truth of it.

    Oh how radical and how good it felt that it could be okay to be with the tiredness not to try to get rid of it or fix it or try to understand it.

    Just to be with it and let it know it’s okay.

    It takes away the shame of still having it after so long of trying to fix it.
    I don’t know why it’s there but it feels good to be with it – like a friend not a fixer – and not try to change or get rid of it anymore.

    It just needs my love and kindness and my willingness to stay.

    With my deep appreciation,


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