Haiku — Mid December

Playing Music
Singing in the “we” space.

Diana Scalera

Being in contact with our energetic bodies means that we have cycles of awareness, feeling stuck, movement, not knowing, and healing.  Our bodies also respond to the seasons and the times of the year.  The holiday season can be a loving time and can also have some peril.   The Haiku that came these past nine days were about what was cycling through me preparing for the holidays.

Wholebody Focusing Haiku # 10

A new movement comes
My hand on my crown moving.
Connection to my core.

Wholebody Focusing Haiku # 11                      Reiki Haiku # 5

Not knowing is there                                           Universal life force
To help us be with ourselves                                Please enter my body now.
Until we are ready.                                              Thank you for your help.

Wholebody Focusing Haiku # 12

Needing forgiveness
Of myself and my family.
Let my body move.

Wholebody Focusing Haiku # 13                    Reiki Haiku #6

Regular partners                                                  Many ways to share
Begin to find parallels                                         Your Reiki practice with world
Parts that need their love.                                   Self, other, distance.

Wholebody Focusing Haiku # 14                     Reiki Haiku # 7

Holiday fears rise                                               Do you love yourself?
When I think about all that.                                My first Reiki teacher asked.
Holding space for me.                                         I became silent.





Published by

Diana Scalera

I am a Certified Wholebody Focusing Professional and Reiki Master Level III. I am interested in the cross-section between Wholebody focusing and energy work. I offer Reiki treatments in person and at a distance. I am also available to train clients in WBF. Please contact me at wbf285@gmail.com

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