How does Wholebody Focusing Support Wellness

What makes Wholebody Focusing so Special?

This blog is dedicated to those who seek healing through connecting to abundant benevolent energy to support their own body’s healing wisdom.  Our bodies’ inherent ability to heal waits for us to give our attention to what is present, continuously observing what is truly there with equal regard and accompanying our bodies as they explore their own healing in their own time and their own way.  We invite and welcome contributions from this community of self-healers to build this shared space with our stories, thoughts, theories, and experiences.

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Diana Scalera

I am a Certified Wholebody Focusing Professional and Reiki Master Level III. I am interested in the cross-section between Wholebody focusing and energy work. I offer Reiki treatments in person and at a distance. I am also available to train clients in WBF. Please contact me at

2 thoughts on “What makes Wholebody Focusing so Special?”

  1. As I read it again it feels like you really have it. How it works. It is your ability to connect with a part of us that needs our attention so that it can become conscious if itself! It is as though it can borrow our human capacity to become self aware so that it can awaken to is own inner wisdom and its possibilities in a way we can’t know but it can and does!

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