Being with a Felt Sense

Our new installment of the conversation between Addie van der Kooy and Kevin McEvenue takes a raucous turn when they discuss their experiences of the many ways to be with the felt sense. In the no holds barred Heartfelt Conversation, these long-time collaborators share what works for them and what is difficult for them when experiencing a felt sense.

Grounded in the work of Gene Gendlin, we experience the liveliness and fun of their heartfelt conversation. Both partners are fully engaged and moving to the rhythm of their conversation.

Watching their journey may lift you into your felt sense of being with their felt sense. Let us know where this conversation takes you by sending a comment to the discussion.

Here is the transcript of the video for those who speak languages other than English. Drop it into Google Translate for a translation or use it to follow along.

This is a link to the transcript added here so that speakers of other languages can use Google Translate to obtain a transcript in their language. Being with a Felt Sense

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3 thoughts on “Being with a Felt Sense”

  1. I loved the imagery of the felt sense as a guest or visitor that one meets and relates to with an open heart. It had echoes to me of Rumi’s Guesthouse imagery

  2. What a joy this was to be a part of filming and editing of this video. You both live what you teach and we can see the evidence of how what happens is limitless. Thank you for always pushing us farther than we think we can go.
    Diana Scalera

  3. Hi Addie and Kevin,

    Like Cathy, I really enjoy the image of greeting the felt sense like a guest coming into your room, and seeing what it needs in order to feel comfortable 😉 🙂 (tea or biscuit sounds good to me!)

    I like seeing how you, Kevin, invite the two of you to ‘slow things down’ and even how you can see for yourself what the ‘trigger words’ were and how you need to let that take shape in a different way, that it doesn’t have to be about achieving perfection but can be about making the FS know it is being welcomed.

    I also like that you, Kevin, remind us that something is coming into the space between you before you even know it.

    And so much more.

    Thank you both,

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