An Intunement is a Place to Begin a Wholebody Focusing Process (Part 1)

Painting by Kevin McEvenue

What Kevin tells us here—how ‘intunements’ got started in WBF and what their purpose is—seems to me that he’s opening the door to a spiritual aspect of WBF.  That’s there’s something beyond my intent, and there’s something beyond your intent when we come together as ‘focusing partners’. That there is something beyond my personal ability to listen, to understand, to empathize—and beyond yours.

It’s certainly not just about getting better at ‘listening’ in the ordinary sense; it’s not just about getting better at ‘knowing what to say.’  Once we become fully present, it’s about noticing my aliveness in response to your aliveness—in the moment that it happens, when we’ve come together to listen and speak in a meaningful way.

And then Kevin tells us this: “I suggest something has been awakened in us and between us and is more than us.  A resource WE DON’T HAVE unless we do that connecting in that way, and then IT’S there.”

Do you hear what I’m hearing?  A resource—beyond you and me that shows up!?

Elizabeth Morana

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One thought on “An Intunement is a Place to Begin a Wholebody Focusing Process (Part 1)”

  1. Had I been introduced to Focusing thru “Clearing a Space” I surely wouldn’t have connected with anything. What I understand now is that I was so layered with background feelings—Marine’s Wallpaper Feelings—that I couldn’t have identified that which I’d needed to clear out and clear away.

    Kevin’s intuitive sensing of the rightness of Intuning, of coming into Grounding individually and then mutually, allows me to arrive organically at a “cleared space”, to find What is Alive in me rather than to identify and connect with What is Wrong in me, What is Problematic.

    Even when What is Alive in me is pain or suffering, there are qualitative sensing-differences. When I find the Aliveness in my suffering, I’ve begun coming into relationship WITH it rather than identifyiing it as a something which needs to be expelled.

    I’m grateful for this story, this his-story of Intunements.

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