Active Meditation with the Breathing Self as “Me Here!”

Today’s intunement helps us connect to another way of finding grounded presence through using our attention to our breath.  Kevin guides us to being with this simple practice used for ages in so many healing modalities in a way that the experience of grounding itself becomes self-aware.

What is the quality of your breath?  What comes for you as you are holding space for your breath?  How does that help you be with what is there for you today?

Start your day with this short exploration and see what comes.

Diana Scalera

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2 thoughts on “Active Meditation with the Breathing Self as “Me Here!””

  1. Gosh, Kevin. I took a little time for myself, and listened to you and watched my breath and returned to it again and again. And there was a wisp of wonder every now and then, when I realized, “I’m here!”… “and no one can experience my ‘me'”…………… just me/here/now. Pretty amazing.

  2. Finding my resting place…experiencing mySelf breathing, my Body breathing itSelf in ways that may feel like the fish breathing itSelf in water. Feeling its body expand into the water…, and then the water releasing itSelf into/towards the fish.

    Finding my resting place…experiencing my lungs as if they extend down to my feet. Feeling the presenced grounding of my feet, my heels, the ways in which my feet receive the force of my body upon them. And the ways in which that force is sprung/released back up into Me.

    Finding my resting place…and knowing that for the first time in my life, I am thankful for this ongoing gift of breathing. This gift which does itSelf…unless I interfere with it. Unless I interfere with its desire to exhale, to release, to soften.

    Finding my resting place…and sensing, experiencing the fullness of how my body breathes itSelf.

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