Meditation Grounded in the Body

Many of us who practice Wholebody Focusing have other practices that help us sustain ourselves, body and soul.  Ellen Korman Mains, the author of Buried Rivers: A Spiritual Journey into the Holocaust, shares her 45+ year experience of practicing meditation, along with other modalities, and how she eventually recognized a need to become more present in her body in meditation practice.  The video below is the first in a series of conversations between Diana Scalera and Ellen in which she explains how she first came to embrace body awareness.  Future videos will include the role that body awareness plays in her continuing work to recognize and help heal the legacy of the Holocaust.

Please take you time to watch the video below which is the first installment of this series about meditation, grounded presence, and spirituality.

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2 thoughts on “Meditation Grounded in the Body”

  1. I really liked this about meditation and the importance of bringing the body in. I also loved your film making Diana – especially the end quote and music it made me smile.

  2. This experience of self discovery and what was needed now was put out so beautifully. It resonates with so many of us finally realizing how we need to find ways to actually engage with the wisdom that has always been there in our bodies from the very beginning. And yet there are also many ways that get in the way of that and why. And finally we may find a way with being at peace with both, a true engagement with our own bodily wisdom and that suffering of our history at the same time. As Addie writes in his workbook, “holding both with equal positive regard!” Thank you for this.


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