Connections can be so powerful and so rewarding when we can stop and take in!

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Sharing this Heartfelt blog together seems to bring more in each one of us. That is my experience—enjoying what you have added to us from your direct experience of life shared with us.

Recently I had a very powerful experience with another person, a person who I regularly meet when I come to get my medication filled. Usually I ignore such moments, but this time I did something different again. I allowed my body-self to take it in.

Later, in a private moment, I allowed this experience to return and to give it the time it needed to be fully appreciated for what it was for me.  Suddenly the felt sense of the moment came so alive, so powerful that it overwhelmed me and seemed to scream; “A connection is happening here!”    My body seemed filled with passion and a desire that felt so satisfying when I could find my ground. All because I stopped and allowed that simple connection to complete itself rather than walk away before it had a chance to become more fully present.

I invite you again to join me and Pause and notice an everyday connection that demands attention. Perhaps it will be someone you don’t know and yet this powerful connection feels so good and you wonder why! Maybe you could spend time with it and let it show you why!

Kevin McEvenue

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3 thoughts on “Connections can be so powerful and so rewarding when we can stop and take in!”

  1. Dear Kevin,

    I love how you found yourself and felt satisfied and supported by the world by noticing what and who was around you. This is one of the reasons I love living in an urban environment. There are so many chances to make those kinds of connections.

    I remember that before retired, when I walked around my neighborhood, I never saw people I knew. My face was always looking down and I was deep in thought about the tasks of the day. People often said to me that we had passed each other on the street but I didn’t see them.

    Now that I don’t have that kind of pressure, I walk around my neighborhood and see so many neighbors and friends and have a chance to interact with them. I feel compassion for the me that noticed so little and felt so stressed.

    One day I went to a new organic grocery store. I found that the store had an alive smell of vegetables. I bought so many vegetables that I needed to take a cab home. When I got into the cab, the driver was at his wits end. Recently, there have been so many new rules against drivers that this driver felt like he worked for nothing and was very upset. Suddenly, he paused and asked me what kind of vegetables I had in my bags. Without looking he could smell them and it calmed him down. He told me he was Vietnamese and most of his diet was vegetables. From that point on our conversation was about how we eat and why that makes us feel so good. We both sensed into the smell of alive food and it put us in a good mood.

  2. Wow!

    This is so powerful in my body Kevin, thank you for sharing.

    To be able to feel desire in my body, just to have that experience without the overlays of shame and judgement was so beautiful. I like your freedom with the words and the feelings of desire and wanting.

    To let life happen in me!

    To allow this potent feeling to fill me up from my feet all the way up through my body feels so nice. Nice is too small for it, maybe ‘so damn good’ is better.

    To feel this desire, this wanting in me without having to act on it, just to let it be there and feel the whole beautiful potent experience…this feels right and perhaps repairing somehow of all the overlays of shame and disgust of it.

    It brings me back to me and I like it.

    I am not ready to feel it in connection with someone else, but just to allow it in my body feels right. To feel me here, to feel the life pulsing through me like this, it is powerful.

    What a surprise!

    Thank you for it all.

  3. Oh Kevin!! Thank you for showing me that no matter what age we can continue to move beyond the messages that our bodies sent us as children. My body used to tell me people were not safe so it wasn’t a good idea to connect even though I thirsted for connections and acceptance. I am not sure I can go as far as to feel desire but can feel the smiles that my body sends me when I connect with even total strangers. I love those connections and they bring me joy!! I am standing here hugging myself with how good your words have helped me feel!!

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