This Hurts!

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The Wholebody Focusing  Blog  seems to have expanded and has become more inclusive as it awakens the stories of other participants who share experiences of themselves so powerfully. Several stories have touched me deeply as they further validate my own story of myself. In fact, there have been surprising expanded new directions and new possibilities for me to be open to! (Look for another posting about what feels so unsatisfying at another date!)

One was a story of a generational trauma passed on from one family to the next, based on faulty belief systems that have been so destructive to healthy living for generations.

Another explores the power of the ‘Pause’ as a way to stop and fully appreciate what is there and to give it the space it needs to expand and complete itself more fully. 

In my own story in this recording, I explore the experience of pain. The reality of the moment is that it hurts. It is as simple as that and yet my tendency is to try to understand it or do something with it. Anything but actually open up to and accept it. In fact, I block it.  I seem to want to cut off the experience itself and go to a place to try to do something about it rather than let it do something in its own bodily wisdom! 

In this recording, I am sharing a very concrete moment of an event in me that hurts! I suspect everyone has those moments and could say simply, this hurts!  But we often don’t.  We don’t just stop there, and pause, and give it the space it needs to be aware of itself. We seem to need to react! Why?

I invite you to hear my story and see if it resonates with something that is familiar to you, both as a story of a painful situation and the habit that comes right there as a way of “dealing” with it. Before I can even ask myself how it is—I react!! The experience itself has been denied and I have moved on to that part of me that is essentially reactive!

My story of This Hurts may open up new possibilities that offer something else for you to ponder. Please make room for what comes in you and mark it and maybe even share that.


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2 thoughts on “This Hurts!”

  1. Dear Kevin,
    I’ve listened to this audio, “This Hurts” more than once. Thank you for sharing it! When I awoke this morning, something hurt in my neck, and I remembered this audio, and stopped trying to rub my neck and sat with it. Something did happen. And later in the day, I noticed a sense of grief that sometimes comes, and I ‘lent it my awareness’ as well, wondering what would happen. I cannot yet describe what happened, but something did happen. I am exploring this.
    It really helps to hear you work through your own experience. I can sit back and really take it in.
    So thank you,

  2. Hi Kevin and Elizabeth,
    This is the missing link for me. I’m have learned to be with some hurting parts by just noticing them and sensing which other parts also want my attention. As I recognize each part the others fall from attention as they become soft or go away. I’ve learned that this is the beginning of my grounded presence. Once I acknowledge all those parts that have some wanting or are holding some pain, I find a place where I feel okay.

    Sometimes though, there are places that are painful and aren’t ready to “go away.” I am ready to explore these more sturdy painful parts after listening to Kevin’s intunement. Let’s see what happens.

    Thank you Diana

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