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Awakening to your Aliveness

Recently Cecelia Clegg and I were both sitting silently in Presence together during an on-line WBF session, and it felt so rich and right to do so during a time in which it is so easy to contract in fear, anxiety and frustration.

To pause and give ourselves time to open up to the “Life felt within and without” feels Cecilianow more meaningful than ever, and it gave us the idea to invite others to join us in a Pause for Presence gathering. We take time together to come into grounded Presence. Then we rest silently in the depth and aliveness of our Being. This process helps us to enter a dimension unaffected by all that is going on within and around us.

About a month ago, we had our first Pause for Presence gathering. After a brief lead-in (for those who needed it), we sat (or stood or moved) in silent Presence, which at times would flow into some sharing between us.

We knew that it would be richly nourishing for everyone but what was surprising also to notice was how quickly the broader field of the group Presence became palpable in our virtual meeting room. There was an added richness that allowed many of us to experience a much deeper sense of Presence than would have been possible if we had been on our own. At the end of our time together, it also felt like there was a tangible calm, still eye amid today’s turbulence.

There is a definite heartfelt “Yes” in us to continue with these Pauses for Presence get-togethers as they are nourishing in so many ways. We have planned our next meeting on Friday 12th June. And if you sense a “yes” inside you to join in, then you are warmly welcome!

The details:

To give you a little taster of our first gathering, here is a brief 7-minute audio-clip of one of the lead-ins by Addie.

So if you are Paws up for Presence, we’d love to see you on the 12th!

UK WBF trainers Addie van der Kooy and Cecelia Clegg.

3 thoughts on “The Pause for Presence Project”

  1. Not only did the invitation itself seem very inviting, the gift offered in the recording invited two different ways of tuning into your self were generous. Two very powerful and imaginative ways that offer a welcoming relationship with me here! Kevin

  2. A heartfelt “yes!”
    I was enriched by the first “Pause for Presence” last month and look forward to the next one!
    My daughter Anne also plans to return to the next one.

  3. I look forward to the second Pause for Presence. The first was so enriching in many ways, beginning with seeing all the faces on Zoom, knowing that I was joining a field of fellow focusers – the feeling of connectivity was there right from the beginning. Addie’s lead in was an invitation to settle into myself and let my body speak but also allow the body to find the peace of silence. Thank you Addie and Cecilia for making this available.

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