We’ll Meet You There!

Awakening to your Aliveness

“Out beyond ideas of wrong-doing and right-doing, there is a field. I’ll meet you there.  And when our souls lie down in that grass, the world is too full to talk about.”            Rumi

You are warmly invited to our next monthly on-line Pause for Presence gathering on Saturday 21st November.  This time it will be 15 minutes longer to give us a bit more time for resting in Presence and heartfelt sharing.

Underneath the turbulence of today’s events there is a lot of intense anxiety, anger and despair swirling around in the collective thought/emotional energy field.  You may well have noticed that it takes a strong rootedness in a deeper dimension inside you to not get sucked into these emotional energies.

This deeper dimension is always alive, at peace and free – untouched by the swirling of thoughts and emotions at the surface.  Like the depth of the ocean – alive, still and undisturbed by the waves at the surface.  Yes, you still feel the emotional waves, but also sense the aliveness and unperturbed-ness of the depth of your Being.

As you may know, in our gatherings we often call this dimension “the underlying field of living Presence” – a sense of the aliveness felt within the body and around us as a nourishing Presence that holds and constantly resources us.  The idea is to “lie down in that grass”, letting yourself rest in the felt sense of the aliveness of “just being”.  Being together in this way creates a palpable energy field of group Presence which allows you to experience Presence in a much deeper way than if you were on your own.

The format of our 90-minute gathering will be simple.  After a brief guidance into Presence (for those who need it), we silently come to rest in “this underlying field of Presence”.  There will also be time for any heartfelt sharing that wants to happen.

The details:

  • Time and date: Saturday 21st November from 4 pm to 5.30 pm GMT.
  • Venue: Zoom video conferencing platform. If you have no experience with Zoom, please let Cecelia know for necessary guidance.
  • Fee: £15 (by bank transfer) or £16 (by Paypal which includes £1 Paypal fee). It includes a free audio-recording of the guided sessions.
  • Email Cecelia Clegg at ceceliaclegg44@gmail.com to register.
  • If you are unable to attend, you can still register to receive an audio-recording of the guided sessions for a £5 fee.

We’ll meet you there!

Addie van der Kooy and Cecelia Clegg (UK Wholebody Focusing trainers)

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One thought on “We’ll Meet You There!”

  1. I look forward to spending this time exploring the underlying field of living Presence” – the anticipation feels delicious.

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