An Early Morning Awakening and Sitting-With

“This is just the time she left her body. Four years ago this moment.
I waited and watched.”

By Elizabeth Morana

I awoke suddenly and looked at the clock. It was 6:10am.
I realized:
This is just the time she left her body. Four years ago this moment.
I waited and watched.

First, this came:
“Melt into the Arms of God”
I wanted to.
I got only a tiny hint
of It.

Then, this came:
“I make space for Your Glory”

Much later, after restlessness–and then grief, words came:

It’s like striking a match when I let the grief come. Before I allowed it to be felt, it was like hardened material on a little stick. I struck the match against the scratchy surface and the deep sadness ignited into a brief, intense flame. Then, suddenly, my body stretches, toes wiggle, back muscles awaken and warm themselves through stretching. That’s the flame. It flows through me. Then all is still and there’s a glowing light in me.

 From stuckness,
to ignition,
 to flaring grief,
to transforming into
something awakening,
richly Alive,
and finally
to tranquil clarity. 

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Painting by Elizabeth Morana

6 thoughts on “An Early Morning Awakening and Sitting-With”

  1. The gifts of your awakened soul, to feel both the grief and the glory of the flame of love/Love! Blessings dear heart . 💕💕

  2. I can hear the scratch of the match on the scratchy surface, the flair of the flame that ignites the grief briefly before the arrival of the tranquility of love. Beautifully put – much gratitude.

  3. Dear Terry,
    I love your Presence here and your hearing me so fully,
    love from

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