It Was a Very Good Year

By putting our work into the public eye, we spread love, love for ourselves, and love that holds all with equal regard. Everyone has this place to come to where who they are is always held with the highest regard.

As I thought about writing to the readers of the blog about this year’s accomplishments, Frank Sinatra’s song “It Was a Very Good Year” came to mind. While the lyrics are not about writing and managing a blog, it is about appreciation and gratitude.

In the video below, he talks about his appreciation for the work of the composers and lyricists. He also shares his deep commitment to and respect for what the author has written. These sentiments are what I feel about my role as the blog administrator.

So I start this celebration of what we have accomplished this year by thanking our contributors for their hard work and dedication to building our community. Their willingness to share their WBF experiences and their exceptional writing abilities make this work a great joy in my life. 

Who writes for the blog?

We have 21 contributors from 10 countries–Australia, Canada, Cyprus, Italy, Finland, Japan, Scotland, Sweden. The UK, and the USA. There are 14 women and seven men. Their professions include many Wholebody Focusing Trainers, writers, a Divine Love leader, a supporter of Indigenous rights, an Alexander teacher, a Buddhist teacher, a Physicist, and a computer expert. Some write often; others occasionally send in a post. A few contribute with photos and other skills, and others have not yet published a blog.

Who reads the blog?

We have 470 subscribers. Some subscribe to the blog directly, and others subscribe to social media. Social media is a crucial way to get out the message about Wholebody Focusing to the world. I encourage everyone who loves this blog to ensure its future by publishing the posts that you like on your social media.

We have readers in 60 countries on seven continents with the USA, Canada, Italy, the UK and China being the most active. Places like Singapore, South Africa, Chile, and Australia have a few dedicated readers. We also publish posts in languages other than English to encourage our international audience to feel that they are also part of our community. Wholebody Focusers live in many parts of the world thanks to the work of Kevin McEvenue, Karen Whalen, Addie van der Kooy, Bruna Blandino, Rosa Catoio, and many other trainers.

2018’s statistics for the blog were 7,468 views, 1,755 visitors, 265 likes, and 204 comments.

In 2019, the statistics are 10,743 views, 2,797 visitors, 322 likes, and 192 comments. We have a growing, diverse readership that reaches 15 more countries this year than last year.

How Has This Blog Helped Build a Wholebody Focusing Community?

In November 2017, Melinda Darer, co-director of Focusing Initiatives International, and I discussed that while the Wholebody Focusing community spanned the world, there was no way to feel connected to other Wholebody Focusers. We set out to change that.

Melinda and her organization decided to sponsor a Wholebody Focusing Retreat, which brought together 48 people in August 2018. There is now a second retreat in the planning stages. (See Being Like a River: Felt Community in Action ) Also, we established the Monthly Online Wholebody Focusing Gathering, a free online meeting open to everyone. 

I created this blog that is public and open to anyone interested in Wholebody Focusing. It is a place to share experiences and deepen our practice by reading about the experiences of others. Kevin shares with us what new body sense is coming for him. He also recruits contributors. It is also a resource to find out what is happening in the WBF world and how you can participate.

We also hear from individuals how WBF impacts their lives. New this year, there is the Wholebody Focusing Trainers Corner, which provides the deeper thinking that is happening from the experiences of practicing trainers from around the world. We also offer intunements that anyone can use to soothe and deepen their practice whenever they feel the need. 

In addition, by putting our work into the public eye, we spread love, love for ourselves, and love that holds all with equal regard. Everyone has this place come to where who they are is always held in the highest regard. That can only strengthen us in our practice and in our community.

How can this blog help you?

We have over 150 posts from our 21 contributors that are about the Wholebody journeys we have traveled. There is also beautifully written prose, poetry, music, and videos that touch our hearts. If you sign up as a “follower,” you get notices only when someone posts something new on the blog. This can serve as a reminder that blog is always here to help you find grounded presence and loving support for the wonder that you are. 

I hope you will enjoy listening to Frank Sinatra talk about his experience as a singer and, if you want, to sense into his appreciation of the status of men in the mid-1900’s. 

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Author: Diana Scalera

I am a Certified Wholebody Focusing Professional and Reiki Master Level III. I am interested in the cross-section between Wholebody focusing and energy work. I offer Reiki treatments in person and at a distance. I am also available to train clients in WBF. Please contact me at

4 thoughts on “It Was a Very Good Year”

  1. Diana, you have given a great gift to the Wholebody Focusing community. Without your vision and commitment and hard work, we may have known that there is a community of Wholebody Focusers around the world, but it would have remained theoretical and not very relevant to our daily lives. What you have done has brought us together in a felt and real way. The imagethat comes for me is a circle of Wholebody Focusers who can now feel themselves be in a circle. And, there are threads going across the circle, linking individuals who resonate with each other. Maybe for some of us we might feel there is a thread linking us to one or two other people via this blog, and for some it may be more. But if we view the circle from above, we would see a thick fabric being woven among us. This would not have happened without this blog and Diana’s work. Thank you!

  2. Dear Ana,
    Thank you for your comment. It touches me deeply that others share my need to be part of a community that practices Wholebody Focusing. It is in our relationship with each other that the magic of this practice happens.

    This year is the second full year of the blog. The circle of participants has grown, and we indeed have become woven into each other’s lives in a new way that includes Wholebody Focusing and Heartfelt Connection. Many people who have not trained as Wholebody Focusers have come to know us and share who they are. They have found that our way of holding both with equal regard is supportive and expansive.

    We are here to hold space for our individual and collective healing, and to benefit from the energetic shifts that may be happening hundreds of miles away. Sometimes I pick a post at random, and it is like reading it for the first time, even though I was intimately involved in its creation. It reminds me that our healing is dependent on our continual attention to our grounded presence and willingness to hold whatever comes with equal regard. Having the blog in my life keeps me connected to that stream of love and support.

    Thank you to everyone that is part of this adventure.

    With Gratitude,

  3. Thank you so much, Diana, for all the work you have done with this site <3!

  4. Thank you DIana for all you are doing for the Wholebody Focusing community. The stats speak for themselves = there is a need that this blog has spoken to and amongst the community these blogs are much appreciated. I particularly appreciate hearing the different voices from different parts of the world. Thank you every one who contributes.

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