Sweet Surrender…..

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I don’t know where I’m going.

I don’t know what I’m doing.

But I do know

When I surrender into the depths of my being

When I let go of all my learning

All my trying hard, my shoulds and have to’s.

When I let go of all of it

It feels like relief –

a deep breathing out,


Sweet, surrender!

Like being held

Cradled in a big body of water

Floating, adrift

Eyes closed,

Arms softly open

Naked, vulnerable

I have no idea where I am headed.

There are moments of complete trust……

And panic!

Hello panic, I didn’t mean to let you go.

You can be just as you are, it’s okay.

I will be right here, I will just keep you company.

Back and forth they alternate, trust then panic.

Something comes, it’s a knowing from inside – hold both it tells me.

All of a sudden I can feel a deep breathing – and a wondering

…… who is this one who knows to hold both?

I give my life to this one, the one that knows the way, the one that holds me.

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Author: Gabrielle Clark

I am a Somatic Therapist and Initiatic Art Therapist and a Mum and a wife and a student of philosophy. I love to be inspired by people who speak from their own experiencing. I found Gene Gendlins work through a love of Carl Rogers teachings. Now I am here. I work in person and online with individuals who reach out to me, there is more about me and my work on here..... www.manawacounselling.com

4 thoughts on “Sweet Surrender…..”

  1. Thank you, Gabrielle, I find a whole lot of meaning in this. True surrender is certainly sweet. Surrender from shoulds, and all the rest of it. And then you go further, holding both, holding all. I just wanted to tell you that I felt and feel that this is a very important reflection you are sharing.

    And a few days ago–before I found your poem on the blog–I wrote this: (now something in me fearing it won’t make sense to you, to others….and ‘hello’ to that….)

    I don’t know how much one can argue with water
    Once it moves
    it just goes where gravity demands
    To be so free, so obedient!

    Oh! And isn’t it lovely that your poem has a photo of water, beautiful water, in movement!

    with appreciation from
    elizabeth (direct encounter)

  2. Yes the surrender from shoulds and have toos is sweet that’s for sure!
    And your beautiful poem…

    I don’t know how much one can argue with water
Once it moves
it just goes where gravity demands
To be so free, so obedient!

    Yes comes in me from taking this in…..no arguing or making things happen – just an obedience…..to something much bigger than me.

    Thank you for this sharing Elizabeth.

    With appreciation also,


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