Asking: Who Are You?

“I want to invite This: that life in you, being now felt in me.”

Over several days, even weeks, I have listened to this generous Intunement. Each time something more has opened as if I listened on the first floor of a building and saw what was there and then the second and then the third and fourth taking in the new sights and sounds and developments. I wonder what more might come?

In this intunement Kevin offers us the sense of these words, “I want to invite This: that life in you, being now felt in me.” In beginning here I’ve gone straight to the heart of the matter he offers. As you listen, Kevin comes to this in steps and “recognitions” that open doors for me, for you. I am delighted and intrigued by the mystery of the words I and You as Kevin explores them and You and I listen and mutually participate in the felt sense of the Life in You and the Life in Me.

There is the Invitation and the what-happens-in-me-and-in-you with this Invitation. I notice the resonance, the essential Heartfelt Connection, alive in Kevin, alive in Me, alive in You. Nothing we have to do but just now it comes to me that I/We Can Claim something essential.

Laura Dickinson

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4 thoughts on “Asking: Who Are You?”

  1. As I hear Laura’a words and then listen to my own offering of this last Intunement it feels so complete for me. And at the same time that although this Intunement Series have come to a resting point many more doors are opening, New directions seem to be emerging already in this blog dedicated to the exploration of Wholebody Focusing in all its heartfelt possibilities. Look for more announcements about all this later. Thank you for listening.
    Kevin McEvenue

  2. It comes to me to accept Laura’s exploration as an invitation for Me. For Me to listen to, receive, take in this particular intunement over the course of a week. For Me to experience my own explorations of what each “floor” might reveal about itSelf. About mySelf. Thank you Kevin and Laura.

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