Asking for Help!

Photo Credit: Michael Lux Bjørnefjorden Norway

When the despair gets into me and the helplessness and stuckness set in I have often found myself searching outside of me for help. This plea from inside that screams ‘help me, help me’ is often looking outside for the answer. As I write that I smile and realize this plea is wanting me to be with it not search outside of me. It is saying Gabe I need you come back home to me. I like that this process brings me back home to myself and my own inner wisdom.

In this audio Kevin says that this whole body focusing process introduces a resource as a way of meeting these places inside that are full of pain and despairing. The stuckness and hopelessness bring us an opportunity to bring in this deep inner resource that knows the way forward.

I step back and find my groundedness and my presence and I invite the background feeling of despair and immobility and resistance to life to be there and I wait. Kevin says to step back and wait and allow that to be there just as it is. Then to invite that physical reality of a deeper wisdom – that is always there in all of us- to show me what is possible from what seems impossible. This deeper wisdom is always there waiting to be invited to show me the way forward.

Is there something in me that knows how to be with this place that I don’t? This brings such a lovely sense of hopefulness, I don’t have to know, something in me knows.

I pause and invite my body to show me the way. My arms stretch upwards, my chest opens my legs stretch out. I touch into the stuck-ness about freezing when I am asked to speak about something I am trying to say and what comes is ‘it will come when it is ready’.

My body knows the way if I invite it, if I let it, if I get out of the way.

Thank you Kevin for this way of being with, of inviting, of stepping back and letting.
Gabrielle Clark


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One thought on “Asking for Help!”

  1. When I read this and listened to the attunement I was in a situation where I didn’t know which way to go with certain issue. I was like hanging with my fingers and going to fall at any minute. Then suddenly I noticed that I cannot fall since my feet stood firmly on the ground. From that grounded presence I was able to continue my day and also was able to handle the issue peacefully and thoughtfully. Thanks! <3

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