“Practising Presence” Webinar


“Practising Presence” is a series of 3 sessions in which you will be able to explore how to fully access and embody Presence, a dimension in you which is sometimes described as the “underlying field of alive Presence”. It is experienced as a bodily felt aliveness or energy that can be felt regardless of anything that is going in inside and around you.

To embody this “underlying field of alive Presence” allows your Focusing to take off in ways that are deeply healing; developing wellness in you and making a positive contribution to the local community around you.

The experience of being in Presence does not come falling out of the sky during a Focusing session. It requires you to pause and practice accessing and activating this inner dimension of Being-ness; you could liken it to an “inner core muscle” that needs exercising. And the stronger it becomes the more accessible it is.

In this webinar you will have plenty of time to practise Presence, exercising your core muscle of “Me Here” and to explore/share within the safety of a small group of fellow Focusers. The webinar is open for anyone familiar with Focusing, regardless of their level of training and experience. Those who have attended one of our previous webinars are also very welcome. This webinar will be very experiential with plenty of space for practice and sharing.


Tuesdays November 13th, 20th and 27th.
All sessions are 90 minutes long and start at 18.45 GMT or 1:45 PM EST

Platform: The webinar will be hosted on Zoom

Fee: US $ 145.00 for the 3 sessions


The costs for the webinar is US $ 145.00. To book your place, email Cecelia Clegg on ceceliaclegg44@gmail.com who will send you payment instructions. We will confirm your booking as soon as payment has been received. Our advice is to book sooner than later as there will only be a limited number of places available.

Bio Addie van der Kooy:

addie 2Addie is a Focusing Institute Certifying Coordinator in Wholebody Focusing (WBF). He has been working for almost 20 years with Kevin McEvenue, founder of WBF. Addie offers individual sessions, a WBF Foundation Course and also provides advanced training for The International Focusing Institute recognised WBF Trainer Certificate. He lives in the South-West of the UK.

Bio Cecilia Clegg

Cecilia.pngCecelia is a Focusing practitioner with 9 years experience. She is working towards the Focusing Institute recognized WBF Trainer Certificate under the mentorship of Addie van der Kooy. She lives and works in Scotland where she offers one-to-one accompaniment and introductory Focusing Workshops.

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