In the Presence of Women

A Zoom Gathering for Women Focusers
November 15, 2020, 10:00 – 12:00 MT

You are warmly invited to a Focusing gathering just for women. This will be a single event for now − an experiment really – to see what happens when we take time to focus together as women and allow space for whatever wants to emerge during this time of things falling apart and new paradigms wanting to emerge.

The plan:
10:00 – 10:45 Intro, Attunement & Check-in
10:45 – 11:30 Focusing Partnerships
11:30 – 12:00 Sharing as a Group

The inspiration:

Recently I reflected on the fact that many of the traumas I’ve experienced have had to do with being a woman. I also noticed a cloud of silence around them. When I focused on these events, I realized there was generally a larger situation or narrative around the event and someone or something I felt I should protect − whether a child, a parent or a partner – over valuing my own needs or expecting them to be looked after. Speaking about my own harm always seemed less important than taking care of others.

So the theme that came to me as a possible starting point was “Things We Don’t Talk About.” A phrase that may might feel more fitting to you is “Fulfilling the Needs of Others.” These are just ideas to spark something we share as women or something you would like to explore in a focusing way with other women.

If you’d like to participate on Nov. 15 (or have questions) just email me at and I will confirm as soon as the gathering is a “go.”

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2 thoughts on “In the Presence of Women”

  1. How exciting that you’re inviting this! When the pandemic began I invited 7 women WBF friends to join me for “Social Supporting”—for the 8 weeks we were expecting to be isolated. So many surprises. After the 1st gathering it was apparent that we were much more than merely supporting each other socially [vs Social Distancing]. We were Sharing Grace.

    From our 1st gathering, together we were co-creating a Something More for each other and all of us. We BECAME an entity that provides shelter and expansiveness and safety and co-exploring. Our gatherings offer each of us a particular touchstone in addition to our other WBF/HFC partnerings.

    We are continuing, bi-weekly, with no obligation to come each time—a completely new thing for most of us, to be able to say to the others “thanks so much but today I’ll be doing something else to take care of mySelf”.

    Brava! And best wishes in your own Meeting and Connecting and Safe-ing as you begin finding your own ways of exploring how it is–and has been–to be a Woman.

  2. Thank you so much, Lynn, for sharing what you’ve been doing along similar lines!

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