The Very Bad Habit of Trying to Make Things Happen

I already exist
Rather than make myself Be Someone
or Be Some Way
Just notice me-here.
I’m here!
No need to be someone else.

The Great Good already exists.
Rather than trying to manufacture It,
to prove Its existence to someone else,
or to convince It to Do Something.
Just notice It-Here.

Can you sit quietly and Notice It?
Can you capture a glimpse of It
now and then?
It’s Here!
No need to Make-It-Happen.

Elizabeth Morana

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6 thoughts on “The Very Bad Habit of Trying to Make Things Happen”

  1. I love the connection to Me-Here and the Great Good and how they are both just here. All we have to do is notice them. I agree with Larry, this is my new morning intention.

  2. That is heresy Elizabeth! I knew from the get go that I was born in sin! Everybody said so, everyone around me believed this is true about who we are. We are all sinners! But now I want to laugh and cry! I want to celebrate my badness and feel the life in that for me. That feels so good!


  3. I’m smiling at your ‘being born in sin’….I heard that all my early life as well….and that ‘we are all sinners’….and I smile at you celebrating your badness and feeling the life in that for you…..and I’m loving that I don’t need to do anything to be Me and I don’t need to do anything to make Good to exist… that ever a relief!!!!

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