Coming Home to Me Again

Kevin shares a deep—and I want to say ‘unfolding’—insight into something unusual that his long-time focusing partner said to him, and how this statement opened up to him over a period of sitting-with-it. He’d fallen into the details, the talking-about. He’d lost the being-with. Here’s what his partner said: Kevin, I need you to come … Continue reading Coming Home to Me Again

An Active Meditation to Welcome What Wants to Present Itself for your Attention

This intunement is about connecting to ourselves without any goal or need to “do it the right way.”   Kevin starts with inviting us to use our breath.  He guides us on a clear path to experience ourselves from both inner movement (breath) and outer movement (whatever shows up).  That is it! You can choose to … Continue reading An Active Meditation to Welcome What Wants to Present Itself for your Attention

A New Way to be with Pain

I like this intunement. It was recorded several months ago and as I just listened to it now, I noticed that a change of direction happened that will probably be explored more deeply. As participants become more comfortable with the invitation to notice “What is alive here?” or “How am I right now?” they will … Continue reading A New Way to be with Pain

The Worst Has Passed/Il peggio è passato

Photo Credit: Michael Lux – Sitting in a bar in Rome watching Italian soccer What happens when we become disconnected from all or part of our families of origin, our languages, or our culture?  How does it live in our bodies? I’ve had much time to be with this. All four of my grandparents were … Continue reading The Worst Has Passed/Il peggio è passato

Sweet Surrender…..

Photo Credit: Pixabay I don’t know where I’m going. I don’t know what I’m doing. But I do know When I surrender into the depths of my being When I let go of all my learning All my trying hard, my shoulds and have to’s. When I let go of all of it It feels … Continue reading Sweet Surrender…..

Holding Space for a Heart’s Desire

When I embarked on this journey of my heart’s desire, I didn’t expect to meet its doppelgänger. It is, however, not surprising that both are there—the heart’s desire to speak Italian and the prohibition to speak it.

What Has Come for Me Here

I have been reflecting on how what has been shared—in this kind of Heartfelt Communication with one another—has felt so good for me. I’m thinking of the recent sense of connection that speaks from direct experience that has awakened something in each of the lives that are giving voice—or describing—their direct experience of something real … Continue reading What Has Come for Me Here

Oceans of Benevolence

  …You offer me Space for that encounter a couple years ago with the two does. As I have your words here it comes back so palpably, so viscerally that moment of going out the front door and finding the deer just across and up on the high side of the driveway. We all stopped. … Continue reading Oceans of Benevolence